Experience goosebumps in the spookiest places across India

Sunday, March 1, 2015

India is a land known not only for the Taj Mahal and The Great Indian Rope Trick. It is a cauldron full of places which are recorded to be some of the spookiest in the world. These places not only hold a ghastly and eerie look but also offer real life stories which prove that they hold a strong connection with the paranormal world.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan: Officially declared as the most haunted place in India by the government, this fort lies miles away from main city. The very first sight of the centuries old fort is enough to give goosebumps to normal human beings. Though it is a tourist spot during daylight, authorities have strictly prohibited entry to this place after dark as because several paranormal activities are reported to have taken place. The eerie and devastated ruins of the fort colors up these pretty much.

Sanjay Van, New Delhi: This is a forest stretching across 10 kms of land away from the main city. It is dense, dark and solitary place where sunlight finds it hard to reach the ground surface even during broad day light. A naturally formed path made by rare footsteps of vehicles and passer byes passes through the jungle. Locals prefer avoiding the place after dark due to the rumors surrounding paranormal activities strongly existing here. The creepy backdrop of the forest strongly supports these indefinable occurring.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat: This is not just a desolated sea shore on the Arabian Sea but a least populated beach due prevalent rumors surrounding paranormal activities. The rocky shore is accompanied by black sands which build up a perfect backdrop for making it one of the spookiest and scariest places in the country. Apart from the backdrop, the story of the long lost Hindu burial ground on this very sea shore makes the ambience more eerie.

Kuldhara, Rajashthan: This in an ancient village which was abandoned more than a couple of centuries ago. The ruins of the ancient village still exist and exhibit a ghastly sight. Folklores regarding ghosts and spirits exist regarding this place which classifies it as one of the spookiest place in this part of the world.

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