Five weekend destinations in India you can visit

Sunday, September 7, 2014

India is truly a land of diversity, which exists in the vast tapestry of its culture, geography, language and people. Traveling in India, therefore is a revelation; each region is so significantly similar yet fundamentally dissimilar. This varied texture is what makes to travel experiences within the nation so unique. However, modern lifestyle entails unavailability of enough time to make lengthy travel plans happen often. This is why weekend trips are essential, to bring in the necessary break for monotony.

If the adventurer in you is eager to let go, below mentioned is a list of destinations that you can visit to quench your travel thirst:


Vishakhapatnam, more popularly known as Vizag is one destination that you can definitely visit if you are hard-pressed for time. Located in Andhra Pradesh, the city flaunts beautiful beaches, verdant hills and a peaceful environment. While in Vizag, you can visit the Ramakrishna Beach, the Rishikonda Beach, besides quite a few others. Kailasagiri is a nice picnic spot located in vicinity too. If you seek more adventure, pack bags and set out for the Bora Caves and the Araku Valley.

Sculpture composition Vtrmaids on a rocks at Ramakrishna beach  Shiva-Parvati on the top of mountain Kailasagiri







If you are in the north eastern part of India, Mcleodganj is a place you have surely heard of. Plan a weekend trip to the center of the Tibetan government in exile this year. The Tibetan influence on the architectural structures and the culture is profound. Besides Manali, this is the biggest crowd puller in Himachal.


This is one of the popular beach locations along the eastern coasts of India, and besides Puri, a major tourist hub in Orissa. Gopalpur-on-sea is a quaint hamlet that has managed to beat the bane of over commercialization. Places of interest includes the Tarini Temple, the nearby Chilka Lake and the hot springs or Taptapani. Plan your trip to Gopalpur definitely.


Plan a trip to Garpanchkot to get lost amidst greenery and scenic vistas. This place, situated near the border of West Bengal and Jharkhand, is set almost in the lap of nature. You can visit the Panchet Dam and Kalyaneswari kali temple. Garpanchkot is however, more popular for sitting back and relaxing.


Palakkad in Kerala is an exotic destination that you can enjoy in a short span of time. On a Palakkad trip, you can indulge in the slow, laid back lifestyle. It boasts of vibrant, scenic beauty.

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2 comments on “Five weekend destinations in India you can visit

  1. Palakkad in Kerala is blessed with all kinds of Attractions except Beach! But a Tourist can enjoy a lot in Palakkad District itself. For a local tour, you can visit Palakkad Fort, Kalpathy Heritage Village Complex, Chinmaya Mission Temple, Malampuzha Garden, Dam, Lake, View Points, Rock Garden and Kava.

    Nelliyampathy Hills, Parambikulam Wild Life, Silent Valley National Park, Siruvani Forest, Dhoni Hills, Meenvallam Waterfalls, Kanjirapuzha Garden and Reservoir, Attapadi are other major tourist attractions in Palakkad District.
    Palakkad is also suited for shopping as we can see few best malls – Joby’s Mall and Big Bazaar within City. Few more large malls are under construction over there. McDolad, Piza Hut have own Outlets in Palakkad. KFC and Dominos Outlets are under construction.

    All attractions in Palakkad District suited for a solo / couple/ family / group. Happy Valley Tours

  2. My Personal Request to Thomas Cook Officials:

    I have mentioned the name of the top most tourist spots in Palakkad District, Kerala in my previous message. Please visit Palakkad District in Kerala and promote this most beautiful spot to the modern World! You can start one office in Palakkad and bring tourist from all over the world!!

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