Go cruising and brunching at Zurich

Monday, June 9, 2014

Zurich is the financial arm of Switzerland. It is here that the fourth largest stock exchange is present. Take away its financial triumphs, and Zurich still holds a place of its own with a picturesque landscape and scenery. It is a trendy and vibrant city, throwing in the air all notions about it being merely a banking destination.

One thing about Zurich you will notice once you are there is that it is a very fashion conscious city, with people decked up in resplendent attires at every nook and corner. There are also neatly stacked churches rising against a backdrop of hills and mountains, making up for a picture postcard scene, reinstating the Magical Europe experience.

Street Parade in Zurich

Located against the backdrop of a picturesque Limmat lake, the city boasts of some very breathtaking scenery that will leave tourists enchanted. It is a thriving metropolis with experiences to be relished for a lifetime, offering the wide canvassed panorama of the Alps always visible on the horizon.

Places to see
There are quite a few places to see in and around the city. Grab your camera and head out to detail every bit of your excursion through the lenses. Grossmünster, Zwingliplatz, is an old Romanesque church, which offers a great view of Zurich from its towers. Visit the gothic church of Fraumünster, Landesmuseum- the biggest Swiss history museum, Kunsthaus, Schanzengraben, Rietberg Museum, Zoo, Lake Promenade and Chinese Garden, besides a host of other places of interest in and around the city.

Tourist attractions
If you are a travel enthusiast on a Zurich tours, there are numerous art galleries (more than 100!) and museums (more than 50) for you to check out here. While you are in Zurich, you can visit the riverside and lakefront or go on a hike along the Uetliberg Mountain. You must indulge in boat trips too.

Limmat River and Famous Zurich Church

Zurich hosts Europe’s largest annual street party in Europe- Zurich Street Parade, which is like an annual attraction of colorful frenzy. Several other festivals are held here – Sechseläuten and Festival Tropical Caliente, among others.

If you are willing to set out on an adventure with your gastronomical senses, Zurich offers a varied palate to test. There is also the steady allure of the delicious Swiss chocolates all through the course of your journey. The Sunday brunches here will serve you well too.

If you are planning a trip to Zurich, you will not come away disappointed.

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