Have Fun Shopping on the Streets of Mumbai

Monday, December 29, 2014

Glitz, glamour, Bollywood, these are the few things that comes to our mind the moment we think about the city of dreams, Mumbai. Internationally famous for being home to India’s glamour industry, Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra is a small world in itself. The bustling streetside escapade of the metropolitan is speckled with end number of shops and hawkers that sell a huge variety of products. For anyone planning a holiday trip to India, Mumbai is most certainly one of the hot-spots. From fashion ensemble to accessories to decorate your home, ask for anything and you shall find it in the street side shopping paradise of Mumbai. A trip to Mumbai is incomplete until you visit these famous escapades to experience shopping spree like never before. It is a mind-boggling experience to shop from these sites. With hawkers howling for your attention and price bargain executed like a civil conflict shopping from the most famous markets of Mumbai, will surely leave you with a mind boggling experience, to cherish for rest of your life.

Tourism in Mumbai

Make it a point to visit the following markets on you visit the city of dreams:

Chor Bazaar – Not many markets in the world take pride of their reputation as “Thieves market”, but when did one promise that Mumbai would adhere to the worldly norms? Chor Bazaar located in the bustling dream city is an antique lover’s paradise. Much like the name itself, the articles sold here are unique as well. If you have the nerves to bargain relentlessly then this market is an ideal place to get your hands on beautiful specimen of craftsmanship that you can take back home as a souvenir of your Mumbai tour.

Zaveri Bazaar – The name itself has a lot of bling just like the shops located here. Zaveri bazaar is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for jewelry. From silver to gold and diamond ornaments or the inexpensive costume ones, you can find a huge variety if ornately designed jewelries and show pieces in this market.

Fashion Street – From western to ethnic wear and from shirts, t-shirts to clothes for children, no matter what you need and from whom, you can find them all in the fashion street of Mumbai. Hugely popular among Mumbaikars, Fashion Street is the ideal place to shop for the most fashionable ensembles at the most reasonable price. If you don’t have a fetish for brands, yet you love to shop, visiting Fashion Street in Mumbai is a must.

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