Little secrets of Singapore

Monday, June 1, 2015

Every country has its own quirks, and the Lion’s City is no exception. Here are some little underground facts (no, not the fantastic underground mall the city has built – indiscreet Singapore tourism) that you had no inkling about!

1) No flush? Pay fine
The Singapore law will make you pay a hefty sum up to $1,ooo for not flushing. Imagine how clean their bathrooms must be!

2) Car? Not so fast
Singapore-CarShowroomIn another country if you fancy a car, all you need to do is arrange for a car loan but it’s not that simple in Singapore. Here you have to battle out the right to own a car in an auction, and if the government approves it, you get to have your dream car – for ten years! No wonder the public transport is fantastic in Singapore!

3) Nothing to chew
If you like chewing gum, you’ll be displeased to know that in Singapore it is illegal to import or sell chewing gum. Maybe you need an alternative solution for fresh breath!

4) Walking ninjas
Singapore-CrowdThis is a pretty random fact, but surveys show that Singapore has the fastest walkers compared to any other big city. Just a revelation to how fast paced the city is!

Those were some not very well known facts about this marvelous country. Do you happen to know any peculiar truths about the city? To unravel more secrets book a Singapore tour package of your choice today!

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