Museums and art galleries in Turkey: preserving the country’s grand history

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Turkey’s burgeoning reputation as a cultural center has led to an explosion of art galleries and museums popping up across the country. These institutions seek to promote the works of both contemporary and classical artists. The museums and art galleries in Turkey are the storehouses of history of the numerous civilizations that have left their mark on Turkey.

Best museums to visit in Turkey

Turkey has been the country of dreams and empires. For a modern voyager it will be a delight to look back in awe at the rich history of the land through the eyes of many museums scattered about the country. Art museums and galleries in Turkey are best the specimen of architectural excellence that preserves the grand history of the country. Below mentioned is a list of museums that you can visit on a Turkey tours:

Asclepeion ancient city in Pergamon, Turkey

Asclepeion Ancient City in Pergamon

Built near the beautiful springs of Izmir, Asclepeion Ancient City is one of the most ancient medical centers located in the province. The architecture of the building has managed to preserve the grandeur of the Roman era at its best. Its walls are engraved with depictions of natural techniques of treatment like mud baths or sun-bathing therapy.

antakya mosaic museum

Hatay Antakya Archeology Museum

Hatay Antakya Archeology museum was built to preserve various cultural and historical documents from the period of four thousand BC that were excavated from Antakya during archeological excavations in 1932. The museum was completed in 1939 and it exhibits works found from three different excavations.

Aphrodisias Museum

The museum is situated by the ancient city of Karaca district in Aydin province. As the name suggests, the museum is home to a collection of artifacts, coins and sculptures that were unearthed during the excavations carried out at the ancient site of Aphrodisias.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

Other famous museums that you can visit in Classic Turkey are Pera and Archeological Museum in Istanbul, Burdur Archeological museum in Antalya, and Haci Bektas-i Veli Museum located in Cappadocia among others. Museums and art galleries in Turkey are among the major attractions, each with their individual stories to narrate. A trip to Turkey is incomplete unless you visit some of its museums to catch a glimpse of the rich history of the nation’s past.

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