Travel To The Best Budget Weekend Destinations In India

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pocket friendly trips are on a rise in India these days, to satiate those who seek to travel throughout the year rather than wait for lengthy vacations. Here is a list of recommendations of places that will fit exceptionally well into your budget vacations.

Goa: Goa is an amazing sea side destination. It can cater well to those who love to splurge as well as those, who like to keep it simple and pocket friendly. A spate of low cost hotels and resorts make it among one of the most preferred pocket friendly tourist hubs in India. Food, adventure, activities, Goa has everything to offer to a travel enthusiast. While in Goa, make sure to indulge in the local cuisine that is a curious mix of Konkan, Portuguese and other regional flavors. The local beverage, Feni is popular with tourists. There are numerous local attractions in Goa to keep one engaged.

Goa Holidays

Darjeeling: If you are low on cash yet keen about going on a holiday, give this quaint hill station in West Bengal a chance. You won’t be disappointed. This archetypical hill station harks back on the days of the British Raj and is beautiful with neat tea estates and scenic landscapes. Beauteous vista is not the only solace in Darjeeling. You can also visit several interesting places like the Tiger Hill and Ghoom Monastery while here. The abundantly available Tibetan cuisine is another attraction here, besides the century old bakeries.

Mysore: Mysore is a customized pocket friendly trip. You can travel to Mysore by car or bus from Bangalore. Availability of abundant budget hotels is what makes this place such a great weekend getaway in India. Places to see here include the beautiful Brindavan Garden, the Mysore Palace, the Chamunda temple and others. Sample the local South Indian cuisine for its robust flavors and this trip will forever be etched on your mind. The Dussera celebrations are grand here, and a great time to visit.

Kanyakumari: Visit Kanyakumari any weekend and you will have enjoyed a great stay. It is among the better pocket friendly destinations in the southern reaches on the country. Availability of budget accommodations and cheap, sumptuous meals makes this ideal for a budget weekend trip.

Kerala: Kerala is a jewel in India’s tourism scene. It is a great destination for both budget trips as well as luxurious ones. The main attraction here, the backwaters, need say more? Pocket friendly accommodations and great food robust in regional flavors make Kerala tours among the most coveted.

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