Why Europe is Backpacker’s Heaven

Friday, January 3, 2014

Romantic, alluring and absolutely stunning, Europe has long held the fancy of people worldwide. With its old world charm, historical background and intriguing culture, Europe remains a favorite. From Barcelona to Austria, there is much to see and do. What makes this beautiful continent even more special is its accessibility.

Though, certainly on the expensive side, Europe is high on the list for backpackers and low budget travellers. Be it accommodation, food or shopping, everything is affordable. The key to a reasonable budget trip includes thorough planning, glancing through Europe Holiday Packages, imbibing the local culture and food, getting a rail card, enrolling in as many free tours as possible and obtaining a city tour card.

Europe Holidays

Though, the continent has a lot to offer, if you are short on time, it may be a wise decision to be picky about the places you visit. Planning and research is the key for a budget trips, from cheap lodging options to transportation, it is smart to know everything about the cities you are travelling to. It is a widely known fact, that accommodation in Berlin is way cheaper than lodging in Paris yet it is a common mistake to shell out more for a room in the former.

Europe Tours

Greek Islands, Prague, Rome, Swiss Alps, there is just so much to explore in Europe that it may just leave you overwhelmed and confused, once again emphasizing the need of planning. Offering something to every visitor, the countries, town and cities here are infused with a rich cultural heritage, an astounding historical past and heart-warming hospitality. Though, do remember every city has its own set of customs, traditions and ways, and it would be a grave mistake to consider all of them similar. As a form of respect and to ensure you have a memorable trip, learn the rules and customs of the town you are in.

Europe is towns and cities of stories, myths, legends, art, beauty and museums. A charm to explore and an experience to cherish, a holiday here is bound to stay with you for a lifetime. If you are travelling alone, the journey is nothing less than a life changing experience.

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