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10 Best Budget Cruises of the World

Cruises have become very famous and you can travel to numerous destination around the world via cruise ships. There are numerous ports and locations to choose from. Not to mention the many activities inboard and the delicious food you can enjoy. You can take Best Budget Cruises of the World to Alaska, or to the Carribean islands or even sail around the Greek islands, the choices are numerous, and there is something to everyone’s liking.  Although cruises can be quite luxurious and expensive, the popularity and demand have led cruise companies around the world to offer tourists a variety of packages ranging in price and inclusions. And if you are on a budget, then you can opt for Budget cruise, the facilities may be limited but the experience will certainly not be limited. A cruise also offers you a value – for -your buck vacation, with all meal options, accommodation and entertainment included.  Additionally, you wake up in a new location every day, with a host of new and exciting opportunities.

Best Budget Cruises of the World:

1. Carnival Cruise Lines

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If you desire to leave from one of the ports in Florida, then Carnival cruise lines are the low priced leaders. It’s a seven-night cruise which is on the Carnival glory, it is now based all around the year in Miami and the cruise can carry more than 3000 passengers.

If you are a first-time cruise passenger, then this cruise holiday will impress you with its fun activities and its suitable for all ages.

2. Disney Dream

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Disney Dream is one of the largest cruise ships in the world and can hold up to 4,000 people. Launched in 2011, this giant floating resort includes 6 restaurants, 3 swimming pools, nightclubs and an AquaTheatre. Cruising exclusively in the Caribbean, you get a 4 – night cruise through the Bahamas for not more than INR 35,000 per person which also includes meals and non-alcoholic drinks.

3. Oceania Cruises

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A Caribbean cruise and it’s a ten-night itinerary that spends two days at sea each way going back and forth the islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The cruise can hold a maximum of 800 passengers and includes great dining options and activities with exclusive services. Suitable for all ages, the cruise has a slightly formal environment compared to other family cruises.

4. Regal Princess

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A new- gen cruise liner, includes the biggest deck-top pool and offers a variety entertainment such as light shows in the evening and movie screenings under the stars. It resembles a Vegas hotel on water, which includes a large ornate atrium and 12 different dining options. It’s a 7 day Caribbean Cruise that starts in Florida and ends stops in the Bahamas.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line

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A popular cruise line that has pioneered the “freestyle cruising” concept. Passengers can opt for a wide range of activities and restaurants and go whenever they like rather than adhere to a strict schedule. This cruise can hold 4,100 passengers and includes 20 different- dining hotels on board. This cruise also includes a wide range of kids’ programs, sponsored by Nickelodeon. Norwegian Cruise is great honeymooners and couples from around the world.

6. Celebrity Eclipse

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Celebrity Eclipse was launched in 2010 and renovated 2015. It is considered as celebrity’s largest vessels which include 2,850 passengers and about 85% of its accommodations include balconies and you can get butler service and access to speciality dining if booked on Suites and Aquaclass.

7. Allure of the seas

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Launched in 2010, this cruise has a total capacity of 6,780 passengers. The cruise is one of the largest ships in the world. Includes signature amenities such as ice skating, rock climbing, and ship houses. You will also get a wide range of dining options and shows. This is a must do the budget cruise and a great family adventure.

8. Jewel of the Seas

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Jewel of the Seas is an affordable cruise ship introduced in 2004. It can carry up to 2000 passengers and is one of the smaller ships in the fleet.

9. Celebrity Infinity

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Originally launched in 2001, this cruise ship boasts of upgraded suites with an Italian Steakhouse and a rooftop terrace. Other highlights include an interactive restaurant and wine bar with iPad menus.

10. Serenade of the Seas

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Debuted in 2003, the ship features exclusive dining options in the form of four speciality cuisines which are available at an extra charge. Guests can also enjoy the fine dining experience at 5 complimentary eateries which include the main dining room and a buffet.

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