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10 Best Things to Do in Java – Indonesia

Java is an important place to visit that is often ignored because most of the tourists move to Bali and believe the archipelago to be the only place of interest in entire Indonesia. Java has several beautiful attractions that one needs to explore if they want to know more about Indonesian culture and heritage. With several activities to do, Java holidays will give you the best experience of holistic international travel.

Located spectacularly between Sumatra and Bali, Java is a lovely volcanic island known for several beautiful attractions that make this place worth visiting. Apart from being a tourist destination, Java is also the economic and cultural center of Indonesia.

For your next trip overseas, you can plan a Java trip, spend a few days here, check out the best places to visit in Java, and then move to other scenic attractions. Many visitors like to combine their trip with other nearby countries like Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand to sign off multiple destinations from their bucket list.

Borobodur Temple Complex

Here is the list of ten best places to do visit in Java:

1. City of Surabaya

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and is rich with cultural heritage. However, it is often ignored in front of other tourist destinations and is devoid of tourist population. Surabaya’s old city hides many attractions perfect to start Java tour and travel plan from. This part of otherwise Urban Surabaya is filled with traditional buildings, and many of them include Dutch Colonial Buildings.

Things to do – Heritage walks, traditional food tasting sessions, photography of old town

2. Borobudur Temple complex

This temple complex is one of the most popular Java tourist attractions. The temple complex, spread over a massive area, consists of some of the oldest structures in Indonesia. One of the notable highlights of the temple includes a large Buddhist temple complex, constructed in the 9th century and is counted as one of the biggest in the world. The temple has 72 beautifully sculpted statues of Buddha showcasing various highlights of his life. If you are looking for authentic Java Tours with highlights of culture and religion, then this is a must visit place.

How to reach?– One can reach Borobudur on a day trip from the nearest city of Yogyakarta.

Things to do– Guided tours, photography, learning about Buddhism and its impact in Indonesia.

3. Anyer

Those who are looking for a beach holiday will not have to go to Bali. Anyer has some of the most pristine beaches in Java with Mount Krakatau serving as an encompassing backdrop to the destination. Visitors come here to relax on the golden sandy beaches and enjoy beautiful sunsets. The picturesque feeling of the sun going down behind the Mount Krakatau gives ample opportunities to photographers to test their camera.

Anyer is also a fantastic scuba diving location and is rich with underwater life.

How to reach?– You can start from Jakarta via buses or private cars. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the destination.

Things to do– Scuba diving, photography, water sports, visit old lighthouse of Cikoneng, a day trip to Ujung Kulon National Park.

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4. Bandung

Bandung is a favorite highlight of West Java tourism. This city makes for a beautiful shopping destination. While not very popular, the expert travellers come here to buy souvenirs from their Indonesia trip. Bandung is very close to Jakarta which makes it perfect for a day trip and shop for the latest fashion items. The floating market at Lembang is located on the north of Bandung and is a very scenic attraction that visitors love to visit. The best way to enjoy this market during Bandung tour is by arriving in the morning when the crowd is less.

How to reach?– A day trip from Jakarta will be enough

Things to do – Buy apparels and denim, book Cipanas tour to see the famous floating market

5. Garut

Located at a distance of 70 kilometers from Bandung, Garut is a fantastic offbeat destination known for its picturesque sceneries. This destination was a favourite hill station of the colonials who used to live in Java. Surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, and crystal-clear lakes, Garut tourism provides a scenic paradise where visitors can spend a day or two to enjoy their trip in the best way possible.

How to reach?– Buses and private cars travel regularly here

Things to do– Bathe in hot springs, temple tours, visit orange farms

6. Prambanan Temple

Located near Yogyakarta, Prambanan Temple is another famous temple complex in Java. This temple complex holds the distinction of the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia. The ruins of Sewu temple complex which is Indonesia’s second-biggest Buddhist temple after Borobudur can also be seen here.

How to reach?– Day trips for Prambanan tour is possible from Yogyakarta via buses and private cars

Things to do– Prambanan temple tour, photography sessions

7. Pangandaran

Counted among the most popular tourist destination of Java, Pangadaran was a small fishing village that has grown since is popularity grew. The reason, why you should book a Pangandaran tour, is because of its sunny climate and heavenly seafood. The unique part of this destination is that it is located on a Peninsula and the beaches here are both East and West facing at the same time.

Things to do – Beach hopping, swimming, bike tours, tattoos, street food tasting

8. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is very popular with locals and international tourists. This scenic destination provides gorgeous views of the sunrise. Visitors come here to see this spectacle from Penanjakan viewpoint and later walking to the crater of the volcano itself.

This lovely destination is so famed that people start hiking at 1 AM to reach the viewpoint on time. Walking to the crater itself involves climbing many stairs. Once you have arrived at the destination, the sights of steam rising from the volcano come in view. You can also check out the sand sea – a desert-like landscape of dunes.

How to reach? – Trekking is the best way to climb Mount Bromo. You can contact a travel operator to arrange a group trip.

Things to do– Hiking, volcano sighting, sunrise from Penanjakan viewpoint

9. Waterfalls of Baturaden

To see these waterfalls, one needs to visit Purwokerto. The waterfalls of Baturaden located in a region that resemble the Amazonian landscapes. This destination is mainly for those who visit countries for gruelling treks. The walk is tiring, but the views on the way are rewarding enough. The route passes through lush scenic forest covered path and finally visit these lovely waterfalls on the top.

10. Jakarta

Last but not least, Jakarta itself is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. It looks like an encompassing metropolis. A day trip to explore Jakarta is enough but rewarding. One can take a walk down the heritage areas from the Dutch-Colonia era. Kota Tua, Glodok and Sunda Kelapa are a few of the most popular heritage areas of Jakarta. The city is also famous for its food culture, and street markets are full of fantastic cuisine to taste. Most of the tourists don’t stay in Jakarta but use it as a transit spot. A day or two should be enough to explore this city. With Jakarta day tour package, your visit to this city will take you through some of the best-kept secrets.

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