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10 Cities to Visit Over a Long Weekend

In the hectic & monotonous lives that we live, there is hardly any adventure. If there is a long weekend coming up, just pack your bags and get ready to head out of the city on a mini vacation with your family and friends. Here’s a list of 10 cities to visit over a long weekend. Prepare to overcome by wanderlust and go on a journey that you’ll always remember:

Long Weekend Getaways


People simply love Matheran for a good reason. The winding road to the hill station is covered with dense greenery all around and is dotted with waterfalls during the monsoons. Once you’ve made it to the top, you can try your hand at zip lining or relax and enjoy their famous Chikki. The place is also filled with countless sight-seeing spots that will surely be fun for the whole family.


Goa – the land with great & pristine beaches, amazing weather and mouth watering food to satiate your taste buds. Here you could either go beach hopping or indulge in water sports at your favorite beach. With the increase in Goa tourism, the nightlife here has also come alive and you will definitely find a place where you can dance until the sun rises. The highways leading to Goa are amazing and perfect for bikers looking for destinations for their road trips.


This town has a favourable climate all year around, which makes it an easy pick for those looking for a vacation spot that is just enough for a long weekend. While here you can visit the scenic Naini Lake and either take a boat ride or just relax by its banks. For a panoramic view of Nainital, head up to Naina Peak. You could also visit the Pt. G.B. Pant high Altitude Zoo, the Eco Cave gardens or the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary.


If you happen to make your way to Dehradun, you must visit Sahastradhara; it gives you access to stunning waterfalls and beautiful natural caves. A couple of days here will definitely rejuvenate you and leave you with countless memories. You can also visit Tiger falls, Rajaji National Park and Robber’s Cave to get the most out of your short vacation.


Barely a hop, skip and jump from Mumbai or Pune is the lovely town of Lavasa. This town gives its visitors countless options when it comes to stay, cuisine and activities. It plays as a host for events such as Vintage car shows, Lavasa hill run, New Year celebrations, Christmas celebrations and much more. You can also indulge in water sports and adventure sports while here; the perfect way to release stress and a have a good time.


This is the perfect place to relax with your family and friends. This Beautiful hill station has everything from cool weather to countless places to visit that make it an amazing vacation spot. Chances are you may not be able to visit all the spots here even in 4 days, but you can definitely make a bucket list and visit specific ones. The highlight of the hill station is its stunning views and countless waterfalls that are a must-see.

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Home to mystical hills, amazing weather and unspoiled picturesque landscapes, Coorg is the perfect place to let go of all your worries. You can indulge in walking tours of the coffee plantations or treks to the countless mountain tops. Most Coorg Tour Packages take you to the Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery where you can re-connect with your inner self and return from your trip at peace with the world.


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, pack your bags and make your way to Ooty. The pleasant environment and immense natural beauty everywhere will definitely take your breath away. Once here you’ll have a lot to do, so make sure to pick an Ooty package that has things planned out for you.


Leave your stress and worries behind when you are at the serene beaches of Pondicherry. The “French colony of the south” will take you to an enchanting world with its fabulous architecture and ambience. The city reflects harmony with its Colonial buildings, churches and statues. The calm and serene beaches are the ideal places to practice yoga, relax completely and rejuvenate before you get back to your daily routine.


This is one such place that can be visited any month of the year. The weather always stays cool at an average of 20 degrees; during the summers too! The meadows and grasslands along with the thick forest cover are what attract the tourists the most. Bryant Park is a famous picnic spot with lush green surroundings where various horticulture and floriculture shows are held. It will definitely be the perfect place to relax with your family and friends.

Let us know of more such places to visit over a long weekend that will make for an amazing destination for a mini-vacation, they might just be perfect for someone reading this list.

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