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10 reasons your traveling plans fail

Who doesn’t like to travel? Travel goals are bigger than life goals, because it is travel that keeps us sane in this world full of madness. Well, that being the truth, there’s also another harsh truth, every day numerous traveling plans fail. Wrapped in the blanket of ‘umm maybe, I will let you know and not sure bro’, travel plans are crushed to pieces. It’s time to play C.I.D. and find out why, kuch toh gadbad hai!

So, here are 10 reasons your traveling plans fail:

  1. No Money, Laachar Condition: The ultimate culprit of many traveling plans fail, Money. Destination decided, groups made and excitement built and then comes the infamously famous ‘No money, Lachaar condition’. Iss problem ko solve karna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!
  2. Mom Dad will never allow: The inevitable moment when one remembers the first step to confirm for the trip is to talk to Mom and Dad. And that epic fail when they already know, ‘ Mom and Dad will never allow’. Then, all the ‘at least talk to them or should I convince them?’ goes in vain! Such a lost battle, even superman wouldn’t help!
  3. “If he is coming I am not coming”: We love movies and most of us live filmy! So, just like in the movies, every group has one rivalry, there’s one here too. All plans made and boom! There’s one person who leaves the travel group and messages on personal chat, “If he is coming, I am not coming”. There begins another real life drama, very alike the ‘K serials’. Phew!
  4. End moment cancellations: Well, what do we say, there’s always one ditcher in the group! Bookings done, bags packed, the flight is next morning, and then breaking the news! ‘Listen guys, I won’t be able to make it, something urgent has come up. I really have to be there. Sorry guys!’ While others have pain killers, there surely exists a category of mood killers.
  5. 10 people 10 places: Indecisiveness to the hilt, like this group has mastered it! A group of ten people want to plan a trip, sounds great? Oh wait! The pandemonium, the difference of opinions have just begun! Goa, Shillong, Manali, Darjeeling, Kerala, Gokarna, Thailand….. Everyone keeps throwing in names of places, but nobody is able to come to a consensus. Clearly, a confused bunch!
  6. No Passport: The very first international trip is planned and everyone is wondering how to go about the visa and currency exchange. But, there’s this one friend, who has no passport and hasn’t even applied for it. Hopeless, absolutely hopeless!
  7. When I ask for leaves, they ask me to ‘Leave’: Oh, this friend is the corporate keeda! At first, he shows excitement about the plan, then says I am not sure and then the final strike, ‘If I ask for a leave, they will ask me to leave’. He is doomed, leaving the others floating…
  8. “I thought my flight was tomorrow”: As if all these comedy of errors weren’t enough, there’s another one. The absent minded, forgetful friend, who doesn’t check the date on the ticket. He or she wakes up to see check-ins to the airport, and rubs their head screaming, ‘I thought my flight was tomorrow!’. A lost case, indeed! 
  9. Unexpected Athiti! Athiti tum kabjaoge?: When a group has overcome all the obstacles and finally everything seems set for the trip, there arrives a surprise. The ones who never announce before coming, ‘unexpected athithi’ and they don’t leave too soon. So, the travel plans can go for a long walk as we wonder ‘Athithi tum kab jaaoge?’ ….
  10. “Plan Tu Kar” game strong!: The lazy, the we don’t take initiatives group wishes to go for a tour. The big question is who will plan? Nobody! Because, everyone in this group will quote their favorite line , ‘Plan tu kar’. It’s like a broken tape recorder that’s pointless.

We are sure you must have experienced these epic traveling plans fail in life. What can be done? Nothing. Enjoy life as it comes, but don’t lose hope because Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost..

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10 Reasons Your Traveling Plans Fail - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
There's a harsh truth about travel, every day numerous travel plans fail. Why? Here are 10 reasons your traveling plans fail:
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