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10 Stunning destinations around the world for a perfect selfie

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Is there any greater satisfaction than sharing pictures of yourself with a natural wonder or an iconic man-made structure in the backdrop? If you are among those who consider themselves to be ‘selfie crazy’, then these stunning destinations should be on your bucket list. We guarantee that you won’t be able to wait to share the fantastic selfies, which you will capture here.

List of Stunning Destinations to Take Perfect Sefie

 1.  Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga in Norway is one of the stunning destinations to click a selfie. Literally meaning ‘troll tongue’, this natural wonder is a piece of rock that juts out horizontally from a mountain. You will be perched about 700 metres above the ground, with the picturesque Ringedalsvatnet Lake, Folgefonna glacier, and valleys of the Hardanger region in your selfie. Since you will need to hike for 10 to 12 hours in order to reach Trolltunga, it is advised to start before 10 am.Trolltunga, Norway

2. Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Devil’s Pool, a rock pool in the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe is the place to click a selfie, if you wish to get a taste of life on the edge. Accessible only during the drier months of the year, a partially submerged lip of rock stands between you and a sheer drop of over 100 meters. Just jump in the water and allow yourself to be carried towards the falls. When you are mere inches away from the edge, the lip of rock will bring you to a halt while the waters of the Zambezi River crash over. Guides can be hired at the entrance to the falls, who will ensure your safety while in the Devil’s Pool.Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

3. Yellowstone National Park, USA

No matter where you are in the Yellowstone National Park, you will be able to snap-up a shareworthy selfie. Be it the Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful, Lion, or the Beehive Geyser, your clicked images will be super cool to show-off to your friends and family. Another can’t miss place is the Grand Canyon in Yellowstone Park. Here, you can capture over 3,468 miles of incredible scenery in each selfie. 

4. Boulders Beach near Cape Town, South Africa

If your love cuddly penguins, then you must visit the Boulders Beach near Cape Town, South Africa. Over 3000 African Penguins have formed a colony around this sheltered beach that is famous for its relative calm waters. Some being curious, you will be able to snap-up amazing selfies with these loveable birds.Boulders Beach near Cape Town, South Africa

5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia’s largest national park, and also the oldest in southeast Europe. This park is known over the world for its 16 lakes that seem to be arranged in cascades. The lower and upper clusters have been formed by runoff from the nearby mountains. What makes this place perfect for a selfie? The colours of the lakes change constantly – from green to azure, blue or grey, depending on the angle of sunlight, and the amount of minerals and organisms in the water.Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

Situated on a mountain 2,430 metres above sea level, the 15th century Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru should be on the list of any serious world traveller. You must trek up the 26 mile Incan Trail in order to to reach the peak. This hike is often considered to be one of the best in the world. Cuddly llamas in the way will photobomb your photos and selfies, making the pictures truly memorable.Machu Picchu, Peru

7. Maligne Lake, Canada

Maligne Lake, which is located in Canada’s Jasper National Park, is the world’s second-largest glacier-fed fresh water body. While on a boat in the midst of Maligne Lake, you will be treated to spectacular views of the snowcapped Canadian Rockies. Famous for its striking colours, this lake is also close to Spirit Island, which is one of the most photographed location in the world.Maligne Lake, Canada

8. Cinque Terre, Italy

The stunning Cinque Terre is considered to be one of Italy’s treasures. Translating to as “the five lands”, this destination is frequented by tourists from around the world as it is located on the Italian Riviera. Steep landscapes and colourful terraces make Cinque Terre a perfect place to visit to snap-up loads of photos and selfies.Cinque Terre, Italy

9. Chittorgarh Fort, India

Incorporating 4 palace complexes, 4 memorials, 19 main temples, and 20 functional water bodies within, the Chittorgarh Fort in Rajasthan, India is the perfect destination for snapping up incredible photos and selfies. This 7th century fort is considered to be the largest in India. It was coveted and ruled by multiple rulers throughout its history, before being eventually abandoned. Fortunately, it was refurbished again in 1905.Chittorgarh Fort, India

10. While tobogganing down the Great Wall of China

While the Great Wall of China is one of the stunning destinations to visit, the toboggan ride down this Wonder of the World will make your selfies and photos truly memorable. The sleds that you use to slide down can accommodate two riders at a time. Pushing forward the lever that is fitted between your knees releases the brake, making the toboggan start sliding down the track while pulling it towards you makes the sled stop. The almost 1 mile ride down through the forest provides you with ample time to click and record several selfies and videos.   Great Wall of China

These stunning destinations around the world provide a perfect backdrop for a selfie. The images that you capture here will be the talk-of-the-town.

10 Stunning Destinations Around The World For A Perfect Selfie
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10 Stunning Destinations Around The World For A Perfect Selfie
If you are among those who consider themselves to be ‘selfie crazy’, then these 10 stunning destinations below should be on your bucket list.
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