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20 Amazing Things To Do In Dubai That Are Absolutely Free

Dubai is known to be one of the most luxurious places to visit. While the general idea is that Dubai can be expensive, you can still enjoy some of the best features of Dubai for free. Here’s our list of free things to do in Dubai – the city of extravagance.

Free things to do in Dubai

1. Gawk at the world’s tallest building

Your trip to Dubai is incomplete if you don’t check out the tallest structure in the world, an 823m massive skyscraper known as the Burj Khalifa. It’s quite a view to gaze at being the most exceptional out of all tourist places in Dubai.

2. Dancing Fountains – Best things to do in Dubai

Witness the world’s second largest choreographed fountain show in front of the Burj Khalifa or outside Dubai Mall. The water shoots as high as 150 meters in the air and at night the jets are lit in various colours, swaying to the beats of the music. You, too, can join the beat!

3. Drive around the Palm Islands

No sightseeing in Dubai will be complete without a trip around artificially created islands. It is an absolute treat to just drive around the island and should be in your Dubai tour packages.

4. Dubai Mall – One of the best things to do in Dubai

Stroll around the four-storied interior, visit some of the best boutiques and shops. Of course, window shop to till you feel like. An expedition to the Dubai Mall should be on your list of things to do in Dubai.

5. Dubai Aquarium

Sharks, fishes, jellyfish and around 3000 more species of marine life will greet you at the Dubai aquarium. Being the world’s largest indoor aquarium and making it in the Guinness World Records, it surely is one of the most famous places to visit in Dubai.

6. Get Sun Kissed

Have a refreshing day at Jumeirah Public Beach and soak up all the sun you want. If you just want a relaxed day, this is surely one of the things to do in Dubai.

7. Immerse Yourself in Street Art

If you really want to see the colours of Dubai, just walk around Street of Al-Satwa to view 16 different wall paintings created by graffiti artists to showcase Dubai’s culture.

8. Get Entranced by Exquisite Art Pieces

Explore the many art galleries in Al Serkal area if you are fascinated by unique art forms.

9. Dubai Water Canal

A romantic walk with your partners on the 3.2 km canal road starting from the Dubai Creek should be on your list of things to do in Dubai. The waterfall at the canal lights up at night and makes it for a breathtaking view.

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10. Take a night stroll through City Walk

The best way to see Dubai is on foot, especially once the sun sets. Visit the City Walk where you will be greeted with a buzzing street full food outlets, branded stores and view of fountains.

11. Experience the Al Shindagha

If you want to experience the heritage of Dubai, visit the Al Shindagha neighbourhood that reveals ancient Dubai. The area is home to traditional houses with attractions like Heritage and Diving Museum, and the Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum’s house.

12. Walk along the camels

Head to the Camel Museum that showcases the long history of camels in the country, their anatomy and their relationship with Arabian people.

13. Farmer’s Market

One of the best things to do in Dubai is to visit the farmer’s market where you get to not only see the freshest pick of the day but also pick and taste fresh dates.

14. Enjoy the cinema under the stars

If you are wondering where is the fun in watching a movie while on a holiday, imagine doing it on a rooftop garden under the starlit sky on a restful Sunday evening.

15. Jumeirah Beach Corniche

Recently opened up to the public, the Jumeirah Beach Corniche is one of the best attractions in Dubai. It offers a new place to jog, run, picnic and play, extending from the Dubai Marine Beach Research to Burj Al Arab Hotel.

16. Dune bashing

Got your own car? Head to the desert for a Dubai desert Safari, where you can go dune bashing. This is one experience you should not miss on your Dubai holiday package.

17. Visit the Wetlands for Flamingos

Another captivating thing to do in Dubai is to have a glimpse of Flamingos. These Flamingos, amongst thousands of other birds, migrate down to Dubai and are now protected at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary close to the Dubai Creek.

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18. Time Travel

Make a trip to the Hatta Village located in the Al Hajar Mountains to experience the rural lifestyle the local citizens. You can explore the original models, sculptures, illustrations, weapons, which were used by the inhabitants almost 3000 years.

19. Take a glimpse of the Old Dubai

If you love exploring and you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then head down to the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, a.k.a, Al Bastakiya in Bur Dubai. This culturally rich area dates back to 1900s, where their lives were simple.

20. Don’t miss a workout session

Just because you’re on a vacation doesn’t mean you can spend time loosening your limbs and stretching out at various free yoga classes held in Zabeel Park. Burn off all those calories that you gained from snacking on the delicious food in this city!

Now that you know all the free things to do in Dubai, how about taking a look at our amazing Dubai holiday packages.

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