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20 Travel accessories that you must have!

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Travel accessories are imperative for your travels. It doesn’t matter which destination you’re heading to, be it the warm tropical state of California or a cold wintry vacation to Russia, travel accessories make your travel easy convenient.

Here are some travel accessories you can check off your list.

1. Electronic luggage scale

Electronic luggage scale

Weighing in your baggage! Now you can know your shopping limit. 😛

2. Waterproof phone case

Waterproof phone case

When your phone is in troubled waters, this unique phone case comes to your rescue.

3. Travel lunch bag

Travel lunch bag

Lunch in style with this super cool lunch bag, available in your favourite football team cover.

4. Micro umbrella

Micro umbrella

Portable and practical, this is one handy umbrella.

5. Home monitoring camera

Home monitoring camera

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Keep a close eye on your home. Get alerted on burglaries or any kind of fishy activities with this handy gadget.

6. Trekking boots

Trekking boots

Ain’t no mountain tall enough with these hiking boots.

7. Accessory organizer

Accessory organizer

A spacious kit to hold all things precious to you!

8. Inflatable hoodie pillow

Inflatable hoodie pillow

Super snug and super comfy, these are real lifesavers.

9. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones

Because loose wires are so old school.

10. Bag with an ID

Bag with an ID

A stylish light weight bag, with a unique ID. If at all you lose the bag, it can be tracked thanks to its ID code.

11. Inflatable wine bag

Inflatable wine bag

Don’t whine, just wine.

12. All in one utility charger

All in one utility charger

It’s called many birds, one stone.

13. Shoe bags

Shoe bags

Not without my shoes! Segregate your heels from your flats & what not!

14. Self Sealing dry bag

Self Sealing dry bag

Your clothes won’t dry off magically, you need one of these.

15. Wearable wheeled luggage

Wearable wheeled luggage

These backpacks have got your back! Literally.

16. The new Poncho

The new Poncho

Light and easy to pack, this poncho is a great alternative to a raincoat or an umbrella.

17. Pillowy eye masks


Pillowy eye masks

King eye masks to make sleep and travel comfortable.

18. Travel diaries

Travel diaries

Pen down every detail. Go create memories! 🙂


19. Luxury blankets

Luxury blankets

20. Travel Hoodie

Travel Hoodie

An oversized hood that can be worn three ways, to keep you warm and snug during your travels.

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And there, with this list of travel essentials, you are prepared for any of these amazing International Tour Packages. Do you have anything else to add on to this? Let us know in the comments section below.

20 Travel Accessories That You Must Have! - Thomas Cook Travel Blog
Article Name
20 Travel Accessories That You Must Have! - Thomas Cook Travel Blog
It doesn’t matter which destination you’re heading to, travel accessories make your travel easy. Here are some must have accessories.
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