28,000 Reasons to Smile this Diwali with Thomas Cook

Ah, the end of the year is almost upon us. It’s time to take a holiday, to celebrate all the things that have happened in the last year. You’ve booked your tickets, booked and received your visa, but there seems to be one last thing to do before you pack your bags.

What could that be? Buying Forex for the trip. After all, in the true spirit of the holiday season, you’ll need money to shop on your next trip abroad. Or perhaps, you’re just back from a trip and have leftover Forex! Or are wondering what to gift your friends and family for Diwali?

Whatever your need – buy, sell or remit Forex, now is the time to log onto the Thomas Cook site, because we’ll handle all your Forex needs (and much more.) It’s time to check out the Thomas Cook Diwali offers.

Thomas Cook Diwali Forex Offer

The Thomas Cook Forex Diwali offer is great for many reasons. Firstly, if you have Forex that you need to buy, sell or remit, you are eligible for this offer. Secondly, we have gifts and vouchers worth 28,000**, from some exciting brands, if you take part in this offer. Thirdly, we now offer a unique doorstop delivery of Forex for customers who live within 6 km of a Thomas Cook branch. So, are you ready for your Diwali gifts?

Buy Forex and enjoy Diwali gifts!

Like we’ve mentioned previously, you’ll need adequate funds on your trip to indulge in shopping and general merrymaking. If you buy or choose to reload your One Currency or Borderless Prepaid Card with Forex, you’ll receive fabulous offers from brands like Zoomcar, Pepperfry or Box 8. Furthermore, if you buy Forex worth 1,000 -1,500 USD, you’ll receive additional vouchers from Myntra, Lenskart and Vodafone, as well as Holiday vouchers worth INR 18,000.

Sell Forex and win vouchers in return!

You may have just come back from a vacation and surprise! You seem to have Forex leftover from your trip. Now, you could keep that Forex with you for your next trip abroad, OR you could sell your Forex and win a lot more. Similar to our “buy Forex” offer, if you sell Forex, you’ll be eligible for offers from some exciting brands. If the Forex you are selling is worth more than 1000 USD, you’ll also stand to win holiday vouchers.

Remit Forex and reap the rewards!

If you’re in the giving mood this season, why not send Forex to a relative or friend to make their holiday season. They say that the more you give, the more you get. Well, we’re about to make that come true. Now you can send money abroad and win exciting offers, and if you go the extra mile and send Forex over 5000 USD, we’ll give you some incredible holiday vouchers.

This Holiday season, it’s raining Forex at Thomas Cook! Whether you’re planning a holiday, back from a holiday or want to make someone’s holiday dreams come true, we have something for you. The offer expires on 30th November, so make sure to get your Forex in order before the month ends.

**T & C apply. Kindly visit us on the website for more details. <>

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