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5 Adventure Sports for Couples to enjoy this Valentine’s Day

There are a few circumstances in life that bring people together and closer, strengthening their bond at multiple levels. Adventure sports is one such situation, where the fear of the immediate future, the adrenaline rush and the electrifying excitement of the moment encircles the two of you in a bond that is very dreamy. Nestled amidst exotic places, you stand with your partner in a land unknown to the both of you, ready to conquer the water, the sky, the waterfalls or simply the air! If adventure is your style of romance, we have the perfect list of adventure sports you can indulge in with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

These sports are designed for the two of you to get really close and understand and cherish each other’s presence. With spirits getting pumped up with every passing second, the souls yearn for a union – a perfect Valentine’s Day gift indeed! Check out our recommendations.

Adventure Sports that will bring the Two of You Closer this Valentine’s Day:

1. White Water Rafting:

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Some of the perennial rivers in India are wild just like how you want your relationship to be. They are also uncertain, fierce, calm, and full of twists and turns – like a relationship. But what matters the most is the fact that despite all of these, the water keeps flowing into a limitless space of beauty, making the journey pleasant and rewarding – like a relationship. If you intend to understand this metaphor up close and personal, we recommend you book a ride across some of the famous river rafting spots in India and sign up for adventure. As you hit the stones, bump into rocks, and travel the path of the water, you realize how beautiful it is to indulge in such an activity in the presence of your partner. The sense of settling down after the ride is serene and slowly sinks in the mind of both of yours, bringing you closer. Go for it!

Where: Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

2. Tandem Bungee Jumping:

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Imagine your entire life suspended on a single piece of rope. All the trust you have in the world is not clinging on to that one tight stretch of rope that could lead you to any two consequences – life and death. Now imagine the rope to be the love you have for your partner. All the love in your heart for your beloved is attached to the rope and there you stand at the edge of a platform. What do you think? Is the leap worth it?

Yes, it is and you would be thankful you took the plunge with your lover by your side. Tandem bungee jumps are designed for two people to simultaneously jump together. Such jumps not just bring people closer but increase the love they have for each other by manifolds. With a uniting factor called love tied to both of your legs, it is a journey to embark upon before you actually set out on the adventure called life! How beautiful!

Where: Nepal – The Last Resort

Difficulty Level: Difficult

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3. Scuba Diving:

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There are some couples who want to explore and experience an out of the world love story. To those anxious souls, who intend to set out on such a saga, here’s a specially curated adventure sport perfect for the two of you – scuba diving. Apart from exploring the visible world, there is something about this amazing planet than what meets the eye. The underworld of the oceans is one such breathtaking example of how life can be transcending beyond terrains and ecosystems. As you make your way into their habitat, both of you get to experience a world like never before. Schools of fish swimming harmoniously together, newer forms of marine life welcoming you into their world, coral reefs, turquoise water, and the sense of zen that fills the underworld atmosphere, the journey is purely magical. This is definitely one of the must-do adventure sports for couples on Valentine’s Day.

P.S. You do not need to know swimming for scuba diving.

Where: Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands

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Difficulty Level: Moderate

4. Kayaking:

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Life is all about exploration and relationships are all about making our explorations sweet, beautiful and rewarding. If you agree with this hypothesis, you need to book a kayaking tour in God’s own country and explore the backwaters first-hand. Apart from houseboats and shikaras, which are too cliché, take the offbeat route and explore the backwaters and the islets on them with a platform of your own with some adventure sports for couples thrown in. Be each other’s company, look back, smile, cheer, help each other out, get tired, be pampered and finally when you’re back on the shore, be grateful for each other. What is love without all these attributes after all?

Where: Kerala

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

5. Water Sports in Goa:

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Goa has always been synonymous with the Indian way of adventure and fun and what better place can there be for some water sports than Goa? With a perfect coastline, shacks to rest by, food and beverage options and sandy beaches, Goa is a perfect avenue to indulge in a range of water sports like parasailing, banana boats, knee-boarding, jet skiing, fly-boarding and more. Besides exotic destinations like Maldives and Thailand, Goa is renowned for its water sports activities and when you are planning a Valentine’s Day getaway, you have to include one of these sports as part of your bucket list.

Where: Candolim, Anjuna, Pallolem

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

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So what do you think about our adventure sports for couples? This Valentine’s Day, make space for a new class of bond between the two of you that blends adventure and excitement and the mere presence of each other in times of dilemma and probable hardships. Hold that hand and cling on to it! Book a tour today!

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