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A Closer Look at Eastern Europe

A region that encompasses a variety of culture, ethnicity, language and history, Eastern Europe is surreal, exciting and full of surprises. It is fascinating to know that all of the countries in Eastern Europe have the Iron Wall in common, which split Europe into Eastern Europe and Western Europe.
Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic are some of the countries in the Eastern European region.  If you haven’t travelled here, we help you get acquainted better with some mind boggling facts on the history, customs and people!

Facts About Countries in Eastern Europe

1. No clinking glasses

If you ever get a chance to travel here, keep in mind that clinking glasses is a strict no-no. This particular quirk dates back to 1848 when Hungary was defeated by Austria, and the Austrians celebrated by clinking beer glasses. To not be reminded of this painful memory, the Hungarians raise their glasses, when making a toast.

2. First to get street lights

If you think Paris or Berlin was the first city in Europe to get street lights, then you’re mistaken. Timisoara, a tiny place in Romania was the first city in Europe to have street lighting. They even had an electric tram system up and running in 1899.

3. Shaking vs nodding

Nodding is a universal symbol of agreeing. Not in East Europe. If you’re travelling in Bulgaria or parts of Greece, Albania or Lebanon, you will have to go against the norm. Or in this case, shake your shade in approval!

4. The Bagpipes

If you associated bagpipes with Scottish culture, then it would be interesting for you to know that it is the national instrument of Bulgaria. Known as gajda, the Bulgarian bagpipes have a lower pitch compared to the Scottish ones, and are equally popular.

5. They’re tough in the East

With a history of communism, fascism, wars and economic crisis, the folks of Eastern Europe have toughened up. They possess a quality of sturdiness and determination. They have faced many a hardship, and have emerged out strong.

6. Home of heavy drinkers

Research suggests that Belarus is full of heavy drinkers. If you calculate, 6.2 litres of pure alcohol is the per person alcohol consumed on an average. Now that’s something to brag about at the pub! They sure have a more than a decent capacity for liquor.

It is easy to fall in love with East Europe so visit this place through Europe Holidays Packages. Interacting with a local on a train or at a café, sharing food and drinks with them, listening to folk songs, being invited for a friendly game of cards is pretty common. It makes for an easy and friendly travel.  Soaking in the region’s deep rooted history and enjoying delicacies of every country just adds to the region’s charm.

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If you haven’t travelled Eastern Europe yet, we help you get acquainted better with some stunning facts on the history, customs and people!
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