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Have you added these places on your travel bucket list?

‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’. Do you say this to yourself often? Do you believe that a year is incomplete if you haven’t travelled and had a unique experience? If yes, this blog is crafted for you! We want you to remember that a job can fill your pocket, but it is travel that can fill your soul. 2017 is speeding away and it’s time to let the travel bug bite you, leaving an indelible mark of blissfulness on your heart and mind. Are you ready for the journey. Are you ready to hit the road? If yes, add these places to your travel bucket list for 2017:

Places to Add in Travel Bucket List

Seoul, South Korea:

Over the past ten years, Seoul has been working towards becoming greener, attractive and traveller-friendly metropolis. This South Korean beauty is close to achieving its goal. In the latter part of 2017, Seoul will unveil the ‘Seoul Sky garden’. You surely want to be there to marvel at it, right?

Myanmar, Burma:

Myanmar opened the doors to the outside world quite recently and tourists rushed to see a country that had been inaccessible to them for decades. Myanmar acclaims of a rich heritage and culture, however, 2017 is the year in which they will be working on better tourist marketing, making improvements to the aging infrastructure and dropping hotel rates to affordable prices. Change is on its way, and so Myanmar should definitely be on your travel bucket list!

Queenstown, New Zealand:

Queenstown has to be on your list because there’s always something going on here! In 2017, The Akarua Arrowtown Autumn Festival, Luma Southern Light Project, American Express Queenstown Winter Festival and Queenstown International Marathon await you!

Ushguli, Georgia:

Hidden in the high mountains of Savnet lies a village, Ushguli. This is the highest and oldest mountains in all of Europe. Ushguli is an unbelievably quaint spot. It is not just a village, it is a cluster of four small communities together. Even today, here you will see people galloping on horsebacks to ride through the streets. The place has an old, unspoiled countryside charm that you must not miss

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Kelimutu Volcano, Indonesia:

The Kelimutu Volcano peak promises beauty you have never witnessed before! The three lakes in Kelimutu are all in different colours, mesmerizing the visitors with their gorgeousness. Not only that, the lakes change colours frequently from blue to pink. Hiking to these lakes ensure a magnificent adventure and an incredible view that cannot be found elsewhere.

Grand Canyon Park, Arizona:

You definitely have to add the Grand Canyon to your bucket list. Adorned with a river that is 277 miles long, the Grand Canyon is the ideal place for camping, hiking, and soaking in the picturesque beauty of nature.

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Tennessee, United States:

Tennessee is known for country, rock and everything in between. It is a friendly greeting and a blast of musicality. While other states have one song, Tennessee has seven with music rooted deep in its soul. The beautiful peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, the lush green valleys of Central Plateau in Nashville and the lowlands in Memphis, are the gorgeousness of Tennessee, represented by three stars on their flag. 

The Dead Sea, Israel:

The Dead Sea, a top tourist destination in the world, is known to have healing powers if you take a soak in it. Have you wondered why the Dead Sea is called so? It is the lowest point on earth and its salinity does not allow any life forms to live in it. Interesting isn’t it?

Nubra Valley, Jammu Kashmir, India:

Nubra valley, a hidden gem in the royal Himalayan Mountains, will awe you with its stunning beauty. A blend of dry terrain, serene blue lakes and deep blue skies will touch your soul like nothing has before! Are you ready for this irresistible charm?

Hurry up! Add these 9 marvels to your travel bucket list and let 2017 be the year of priceless experiences for you. Travel the world, because that makes you richer in a true sense.

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Have You Added These Places on Your Travel Bucket List? - Thomas Cook
Are you ready for the journey? Are you ready to hit the road? If yes, add these places to your travel bucket list for 2017
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