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You are allowed to put Wanderlust in your bio only if…

Why stay put in one place, when you can experience the beauty in every corner of the world? With this dream to see the world, Wanderlust is one term we all desire to be consumed by, but it can’t be attained just by desiring. To righteously put ‘Wanderlust’ in your bio, you have to be a traveler who has had these 9 experiences before or has them listed on their bucket list. It’s time to take the Wanderlust’ test, with the top 9 things that every travel lover must experience:

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Trek to Triund:

The beauty of Mcleodganj is that it is a starting point for several great treks. The most famous trek from McLeodganj is the trek to the Triund Hill. You can begin the trek from Dharamkot or Bhagsu Nag as both the routes meet at the Gallu Devi temple. The trek takes about 2-6 hours, but the view atop Triund Hill is worth all the effort!

Jet Ski like a boss:

The best place to go jet skiing is Phuket and Koh Samui. If travel is your way of life and you love making your own waves, this is an experience you will love!

Be a bird:

We all love the idea of freedom and flying! It’s time for the wanderlust in you to soar like a bird in Dubai. Dubai is known for its sky diving and picturesque aerial views. Fly like a bird, over the mesmerizing skyline of Dubai. Dubai tour packages acquaint you with the ultimate adventure.

Encounter with sharks:

The ultimate adventure, challenging and thrilling the wanderlust is shark diving in South Africa. Take the one day shark cage diving trips and experience an incredible encounter with the sharks. Are you ready for this? Or have you done it already?

Jump to glory:

Take a leap of faith and go bungee jumping in Queenstown, the Bungee Capital of New Zeeland. This is your jump to glory!

The igloo life:

The Canadian snow awaits your wanderlust, as you travel Experience something unique as you live in an igloo. The igloo life is unmatched!

Paint the world red:

Travel to Spain and celebrate Holi there! Confused? We are talking about the ‘La Tomatina Festival’. The Festival is held on a Wednesday usually in the end of August, in the town of Buñuel, Spain. It is a harmless battle of over-ripe tomatoes. Overwhelming isn’t it?

Pool to infinity:

Swim in the natural infinity pool in Santorini, Greece. A Mediterranean backdrop and crystal clear waters of the pool, is the perfect unwinding you have been longing for.

Island world:

Maldives is the entire world in an Island. Stay in Maldives, at the mercy of the sea! Maldives will leave your heart melted and painted with the love for the island.

So, ‘Wanderlust’ folks, how much did you score in this test? A 9 on 9 or almost there? Well, if you are almost there with a few destinations on your bucket list, go ahead and put ‘Wanderlust’ in your bio. If not, buck up, awaken the globetrotter in you and win the ‘Wanderlust’ title!

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