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Andamans – A retreat to a tropical paradise

When azure waters and palm-fringed golden beaches fill up your vision, all the way to the peripheral ones, you have indeed reached the Andamans. Welcome abroad to a joyful ride, amidst a jovial environ that is sure to rejuvenate your weary soul. Your city-worn mind and body will breathe a sigh of relief amidst the pristine nature.In its former avatar, these tropical islands were known as the Kalapani or the Black Waters- a penal settlement. Now they have overcome their notoriety and emerged as one of the most revered tropical island destination output of the Indian sovereign.

Andamans – A serene getaway

The lush green island of this tropical paradise boasts of numerous desolate beaches that are the prime attractions for anyone who travel to Andamans. These beaches are unlike many others that await tourists at popular beach destinations, with their USP lying in the fact that they are secluded and serene. So, while you are on the beaches with your friends and family, chances are that you might have the beach solely to yourself.

You can saunter around the beaches, frolic in the cool, crystalline waters, lie under the swaying green palm branches and slip into a sun-induced reverie or even a siesta. The constant companionship of the balmy salt-laden sea breeze, besides the sun, sea and sand will soothe you.

Things to do

The island’s colonial history has left behind remarkable memorabilia, which is a sheer treasure for tourists to explore. Take time to visit these spots, such as the Cellular Jail in Port Blair and the Gandhi Park, among others.

While on an Andamans tour, you will come across some of the most incredible corals and marine life, which are best experienced on a deep sea diving expedition. If adventure is your middle name, you could go for kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing and indulge in various other water-related adventure sports. Water dominates the tourism scene on the island.

Experience Andamans by going on trekking or cycling your way around the beautiful Andamans islands. Whatever you do, the charm of this quaint scenic destination will not be lost on you.

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Experience Andamans by going on trekking or cycling your way around the beautiful Andamans islands. Travel with Thomas Cook Today!
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