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Appease Your Appetite with Regional Platters of India

Nothing can beat the spicy flavors served in an Indian platter. Much like its landscape itself, India is blessed with much diversity in flavors served by its different regions. Every state in India exudes a distinct taste and has a different style of cooking. The country can be well termed as a food lovers paradise, since no other country in the world can serve such a wide variety of tasty delights that would satiate the cravings of your taste bud and gratify the urge of your appetite. Although it is an impossible task to shorten down the list of the most delicious regional platters of India, yet in the following list the names of the most appetizing delights are mentioned that you should definitely try out while on a trip to India:

Check out Regional platters of India

  • Biryani – A list talking about great Indian food has to begin with biryani. There is some celestial bond shared between an Indian and this aromatic rich dish, that it has become synonymous to a sumptuous Indian platter. Smeared with saffron and cooked with moderately large piece of chicken, mutton or lamb meat, biryani is probably the only dish that is eaten across the nation with similar love and satisfaction.

  1. Momos – A native to the North-Eastern region of India and a variation of dimsums, momos are served both by road side stalls and five star itineraries. It is normally eaten with fiery red chutney that beautifully neutralizes its otherwise bland taste.

  1. Idli – A staple of South India and the most common breakfast served in South Indian families, Idli is also very popular among the rest of the population. Served with coconut chutney and hot samvar, idli is a delightful platter to munch on when you feel like having something tasty without compromising on your health.

  1. Rogan Josh – A delicious lamb curry with Persian descent, Rogan Josh is extremely popular in the state of Kashmir. In rest of the part of India Rogan Josh is mostly cooked using goat meat instead of lamb.

  1. Gaajar Ka Halwa – This is one of the most extremely popular desserts served across Indian household irrespective of their religious, caste or creed. Homemakers take a strange pleasure in cooking this sweet savor. There are only a few sweet dishes that can beat the delight of Gajar Ka Halwa being served hot on your platter.


So whether you are planning for a trip to Goa or you want to experience a surreal Kashmir tour, do not forget to taste the regional platters of India.

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Appease Your Appetite With Regional Platters Of India - Thomas Cook
If you are foodie and planning your trip to India? then India is paradise for you. Here are few regional platters of India that you must try.
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