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Athens: of Time Immemorial

One of the oldest cities of the world as we know it, Athens is one of the most sought after destinations for international holidays. The perfect amalgamation of heritage and contemporary, of traditions and urban frenzy; Athens is one of those places which has way more to offer than you could possibly expect. It is highly important that you dress comfortably, carry a pair of shades and have a bottle of water with you as the heat of the city might ruin your holiday.

Athens: of Time Immemorial – Thomas Cook India Travel Blog[/caption]The city has several magnificent ruins and remarkable museums. The National Archaeological Museum of the city is not only an architectural brilliance but it also houses the most number of majestic ancient Greek antiquities in the world. The Acropolis is another of the most important sights in the city where famous ancient buildings like the Parthenon and the Propylaia are located. The Parthenon is dedicated to Goddess Athena, the patron of this ancient city and is considered to be a landmark of the onset of the Western Civilization.Next, you should head over to the Dionysus Theater, the Cycladic Museum and of course the Ancient Agora. The Agora offers you a glorifying view of the entire Acropolis and of all the temples here. The Greeks always loved their Gods and Goddesses and the city has many temples dedicated to every one of them, each more majestic than the other. If you plan a summer trip, you must visit one of the several pristine beaches located to the south of the city. Summers also bring about the splendor of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. You could also attend one of the open air garden cinemas hosted in the city or attend a concert in the Athens Concert Hall which features infamous artists all throughout the year. Check for Athens holiday packages from low budget traveller.If you wish to venture outside the city, a yacht adventure to Santorini or a trip to Delphi is highly recommended. Apart from the museums, ruins and beaches, Athens also boasts of many parks, malls and nightclubs. Remember to plan a very long international tour if you truly wish to experience the optimum Greek opulence.

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Athens: of Time Immemorial - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
Athens is one of the most sought after destinations for holidays. Plan your holidays with us & experience the optimum Greek opulence.
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