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Being a responsible tourist

The ultimate guide on how to be a responsible tourist.

All over the world there’s a rising consciousness of travelling while saving the planet

They say that there can be no teacher like travel – it opens your mind, you learn about new cultures, meet new people and come back with an experience like never before. Maybe that’s why it is no surprise then that there is a rising trend of people choosing to travel in a way that causes the least harm to the environment. Responsible Travel is gradually changing the way people are planning their journeys.

With easy access to flights and a penchant to explore something new, travelers today literally have the world at their fingertips. This new age of travel is all about experiencing something new and showcasing that to the world. How can travel, which is such a personal experience, help in minimizing harm to the planet. Picking where you want to travel next depends on a number of factors – the weather, accessibility, activities, nightlife and the likes; but what about the impact that your holiday will have on the environment, the local community or even ensuring that you leave the destination with the least amount of harm. As the ugly reality of global warming and climate change catches up with us, Responsible Travel is one way of ensuring that you contribute more to the place you visit than you take away from it.

So when you are planning your next holiday, keep these tips in mind to make sure that you are responsible tourist:

1. Be open, Among best tenets of being a responsible tourist

Travelling is not always about checking into a luxury hotel and enjoying a bird’s eye view of the city. In this new age of travel, which is all about experiences, it pays to soak in some local culture, meeting residents and interacting with them. Try observing a local tradition or participate in festivities. This way you not only get the best travel tips but also the chance to experience a destination like never before.

2. Go local

Food is such a huge part of travel. Give those fast food joints a miss and ask a local where you can get the region’s specialties; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling this experience can be!

When shopping during your travel, look at picking up souvenirs from local artisans or stores, not only will you get something unique and not mass-produced, you’ll also be doing your bit to boost the local economy.

3. It’s public

If you want to travel without burning a hole in your pocket, then one of the first things you need to consider is using public transport in your destination. Do a bit of research beforehand, particularly when you’re travelling abroad, and you’ll be able to land yourself one of those value-for-money deals. Another way to discover a destination is to sign up for one of the free walking tours or ones where you can rent a bicycle and explore at your own pace. Not only is this eco-friendly but you’ll also not have to worry about losing the ‘holiday weight’!

4. Let it be

One of the most basic tenets of being a responsible tourist is leaving things as they should be. So as tempted as you are to pluck those pretty flowers or pick up a shell while snorkeling, you’ll be doing everyone a favour by just leaving things as it is, in their natural environment. This also means saying a firm no to buying stuff that’s not from a legal source, including ivory, anything that’s poached, etc.

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