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Belgium – The beer paradise

If you talk about beer in Belgium, it is more than a frothy beverage. In Belgium, beer is a culture. With over 700 different varieties, beer in Belgium often has customized glasses in which only that particular beer should be served. They believe that the shape of each glass enhances the natural flavor of beer. This tradition may find similarity to the likes of wine snobbery, but Belgians take their tradition seriously – and all these for a good reason. Since the Middle Ages, the country has experienced an unparalleled reputation for specialty beers. The flavors and colors of Beers are markedly different from their contemporaries available in different parts of the world. Connoisseurs mostly favor Belgian beers because of their wide variety, real flavor and distinct character.

Beer and brewery at Belgium

Belgium has almost as many breweries as there are beer styles. If you ever take a trip to Belgium you will be treated with a wide variety of beers like geuze, brown, lambic, white, chocolate or cheery. One can’t go wrong with such mélange of choice when it comes to beer in Belgium.

The beer making history in Belgium traces back to few centuries. If we go by the estimates there are no less than 700 different types of beer found in the country with few rare and the most special ones that exude the reverence of a fine wine. Among all other flavors and varieties of beer found in this country, Lambic beer is the most celebrated one. It is made with an ancient style of brewing and it relies on spontaneous fermentation that produces a bone-dry and intensely tart effervescent drink that grows in flavor with passing years.

For those who enjoy beer but with a lighter taste, Blanche or White Beer is the flavor best suited. It has a light taste that comes with a hint of citrus and is yet another popular beer flavor found in Belgium. Apart of these you may also like to try out the non malted flavor of Gueuze which is a blend of two or more Lambic beers; Faro is a sweetened variety of Lambic beer while Kriek is extracted with the addition of cherries and raspberries in Lambic Beer.

Therefore, Belgium holidays can be more enjoyable for those who love to indulge in the enticing flavor of beers.

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Belgium holidays can be more enjoyable for those who love to indulge in the enticing flavor of beers. Travel with Thomas Cook Today!
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