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The best and the cheapest places to travel in Europe

If you’ve been dreaming about your first tour abroad, Europe is fairy-tale that waits to unfold. We are sure you are wondering why Europe when it is known to be an expensive affair. Well, well we have a surprise for you! The Europe we are talking about is breathtakingly beautiful and also friendly for your pocket. You sure don’t have to consider selling your organs to travel in Europe!

Listed below are the best and cheap places to travel in Europe:

  1. Experience culture – Berlin:

    Berlin, the German Capital is the most exhilarating cultural destination in Europe. Experience creativity, edgy galleries, museums, music, art and theater at its best while you travel in Europe! All this and excellent ethnic food at affordable prices. Pack your bags already, come on!

  2. Beer is God – Prague:

    Prague is beautiful, the kind you dream about and desire to live in. It has a charm that holds a dark legacy and a resilient past. And in Prague, beer is God! The best beer in the world is here. Also, Prague is ranked as the second best affordable destination in Europe.

  3. The jack of all trades – Istanbul:

    Istanbul hosts an array of attractions that caters to every type of visitor. Affordable stay and food are abundant, so you won’t be able to resist extending your stay in Istanbul. Witness the world’s most beautiful skyline, here.

  4. The night King – Krakow, Poland:

    Krakow is for the party animal in you! There are famous pubs at a distance of per square kilometer, where live-music and vodka flow seamlessly. Krakow is known among travelers for its cheap accommodation, food and alcohol.

  5. Turn on the romance – Czech Republic:

    Get ready to be wooed by the beauty in the Czech Republic. Classic fairytale castles, historic spa towns, fine restaurants and wide rivers, make this European country romantic to the core. All this love for your beloved and yet your pocket won’t have a hole.

  6. Sunshine in your pocket – Tenerife, Canary Islands:

    While the rest of Europe is struggling with the biting winter chills, Canary Islands are enjoying warm temperatures all year. Tenerife is the best value of all the islands with excellent eateries, Tenerife Arts space, Acantilados de Los Gigantes and Parque Natural del Teide. The best part is these islands are served with budget airlines and all-inclusive deals always. Such an amazing cheap place to travel will give you memories without hurting your pocket.

  7. Meet the wild – Tatra Mountains, Slovakia:

    The Tatra Mountains, the highest part of the Carpathian mountain range is one of the best places in the world to see brown bears. Amidst the mesmerizing landscape of granite peaks, glacial lakes and meadows, you might spot a wolf, lynx, wild boar and golden eagle soaring. Cheap flights are available to Tatra Mountains.

  8. Ski away! – Bulgaria:

    Bulgaria is known to be Europe’s discount ski destinations. There are skiing experiences for the beginners as well as the experts. Here, you definitely get what you pay for along with food and beer at low prices. Sounds epic, right?

  9. The adrenaline high – Transylvania, Romania:

    Transylvania is a budget destination known for multi-activity vacations. Transylvania’s Alps are one of the many mountain ranges that are a blissful venue for hiking, horse-riding, rock-climbing, river-rafting and wild camping. Budget flights to Transylvania and budget hotels are available at the best value.

  10. The massage magic – Budapest:

    Budapest is known to have many good value spas. You can leave aside the luxury experiences and opt for the ancient bathhouses, which are a cultural experience. Budapest is known to be the cheapest holiday destination in the world; it is affordable in all aspects.

So it is true! You can be mesmerized by the gorgeousness of Europe without spending a great deal. It’s a dream come true, isn’t it?Live the magic of Europe through Europe Holiday Packages, also live your dream, just the way you like it!

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The Best and The Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe - Thomas Cook
We are talking about beautiful places and also budget friendly for your pocket. Here are the cheapest places to travel in Europe.
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