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Reasons Why Bike Riding through Ladakh is the Coolest Thing to Do with Your Friends

Why you should go for Ladakh trip?

Ladakh is one such superb destination which everyone has either already visited or plans to visit sometime. Nestled in the Himalayas, this popular hill station is nothing like its peers. Unlike other mountain resorts which largely rely on their lush environments alone, Ladakh has a persona that’s totally unique with the contrasting landscape of rugged vast lands, verdant valleys, freshwater rivers and snow-capped summits. No wonder every traveller is head over heels for this beautiful paradise. But what makes it inimitable is the amazing experiential biking tours that it offers your way. Now, an experiential tour which is the new and trendy way to travel around the world, living it, loving it and experiencing it, is the best way to explore Ladakh, and of course by vrooming across its diverse terrain.

What’s So Interesting about Ladakh Road Trip?

A biking escapade across Ladakh is one of the most satisfying road trips you would ever take. Apart from the picturesque location showcasing winsome natural beauty with snow-white mountains and clear blue skies, a bike ride through the scintillating Ladakhi landscape lets you feel the fresh and cool mountain air that gently brushes your face. The journey from Manali- Leh- Ladakh is one of the most exhilarating routes which allow you to ride your bike on one of the highest motorable roads in the country, testing your skill as well as passion. Similarly, the biking path which needles through Khardung La pass and Chang La pass, making its way to Nubra Valley, make for the most gratifying expeditions in India.

Although caution is always a necessity, the steep turns of narrow winding roads, frequent unpaved paths and towering cliffs all add to the thrill of biking in the beautiful Ladakh. Moreover, the sights of gorgeous sunsets that you encounter here, are impossible to find

Ladakh Experiential Bike Riding Tour PackagesPlaces IncludedDurationPrice
Explore Ladakh on MotorbikeLeh, Nubra Valley, Pangong7 Nights 8 DaysRs. 45,999
Limitless Ladakh- The Land of Monasteries on Mountain BikeLeh, Alchi, Hemis Shukpachan, Damkhar5 Nights 6 DaysRs. 1,54,999
Limitless Ladakh- Nubra Valley on Mountain BikeLeh, Sakti, Tangyar, Panamik, Hundar, Khardong7 Nights 8 DaysRs. 1,99,999

What All is Covered?

Unlike other tour packages that let you sightsee only the included places of interest, it lets you wander about vrooming on your motorbike, anywhere and everywhere in Ladakh and the included destinations such as Leh, Alchi, Pangong etc. While the usual tour packages permit only a limited time at each attraction, Experiential Ladakh Biking Tour Packages lets you take your own sweet time while visiting the different tourist attractions in the city and around. You can stop en route to watch a gorgeous sunrise even if it may not be a particularly distinguished place to visit in Ladakh and choose to stay for hours enjoying the company of the smiling sun and fresh mountain air if you fancy it.

An experiential bike tour to Ladakh includes other exciting places around the famous town and many major landmarks in and around it, which lets you enjoy an all-encompassing experience of travelling. Apart from Ladakh, you also get to visit other important and equally ravishing sites like Nubra Valley, Hemis Shukpachan, Leh, Hundar, Khardong, Pangong and many, each one more beautiful than the other. In addition to this, depending upon the package you choose, you also get to witness the grandeur of the specific points of interest located at these place such as Leh Palace, Spituk Monastery, Magnetic Hill, Pangong Lake, highest motorable road at Changla Pass, Likir Monastery, charming village of Hemis Sukpachen and so on.

Here are the top reasons why you should visit Ladakh, but in fact, why you should explore this paradise straddled on your bike and with your friends in tow.

Ladakh is the ideal summer retreat

When the rest of the country is on the grill being cooked by the sun, Ladakh relaxes enjoying its blissful cool weather. With the surrounding, beauteous snow-covered mountains and chilly lakes, it is the ideal place to escape the heat of summer, especially since here the temperature hardly ever exceeds 25˚C and the climate almost always remains pleasant and cheerful.

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A road-trip through Biking through Ladakh is the greatest joyride ever

If you are a hard-core road-trip fan or if you are at all into one, any way you must visit Ladakh on a bike. It is an altogether different experience to ride through the scintillating Ladakhi landscape feeling the cool and remarkably fresh wind on your face. The journey from Manali- Leh- Ladakh can be easily called one of the best ones for bikers giving them the pleasure of riding on some of the highest motorable roads. The aslant mountain passes that snake through the region, test your persistence while at the same time shower you with spellbinding vistas of the mountains and skies so clear, you would not have seen elsewhere. The biking routes needling through Khardung La pass and Chang La pass, to reach Nubra Valley allows you to enjoy one of the best expeditions in the country.

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Biking here is an adventure and a feat gelled into one

Ladakh is ‘the’ place for the ultimate road-trip you ever wanted to go on with your buddies. Riding through the valley of Ladakh is no less than what they say, a walk on the stairway to heaven. But be wary. As much as these stairs are beautiful and exciting, they are risky nonetheless. Ladakh gives you the opportunity for the best bike ride in the unblemished natural environs but only if you are willing to hurl yourself through narrow winding roads, unpaved paths, steep curves, extremely high altitude and sometimes unforgiving weather. While there are some sections big as fields, there are others with a width that of a single truck. With towering cliffs at one side and deep trenches on another, and several shocking blind curves, with Nakee La famously infamous for having 20 of them, Ladakh bike tour will keep you on your toes at all times. Needless to state, you all must be proficient in your handiwork and are familiar with biking off-road.

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Allows you to camp amidst virgin nature

Ladakh offers much more than a chance to showcase your inner Hercules with bike rides through its challenging roads. An experiential tour to Ladakh is what you need to experience it all. Camping under the clear blue skies, lit with uncountable stars is the purest and the simplest of ways to get as close to nature as can be possible. While biking across Ladakh you can halt at places such as Sarchu and Jispa which offer great opportunity to set a camp in the naked environs of the place and breathe in the freshest of air. You will never be able to forget the astounding vista of Milky Way in the sky at night that can only be witnessed here. However, not just Sarchu or Jispa, but there are other wondrous places in the region including 3 Idiots famed, Pangong Tso Lake, Morey Plains and Nubra Valley which provide equally inviting laps to enjoy the sweetest of dreams.

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Lets you push your limits with stiff trekking

If biking past the most sublime of nature’s creations or camping under the stark view of Milky Way isn’t enough for you, trekking in Ladakh will satiate your adventurer-self for sure. Apart from being a biker’s paradise, Ladakh also serves as one of the most alluring sanctuaries for trekkers. You can combine the two on your experiential tour by trekking up to Kang Yatse or the famous Stok Kangri for the apogee of an adrenaline rush. While there are some seriously taxing trails like Chadar or Stok Kangri, meant for the seasoned trekkers, there are fairly easier trails like Spituk- Stok to enjoy trekking here. In addition to these, there are myriad other treks to take, which prominently include Markha Valley trek, Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Padum to Darcha, Snow Leopard Trek, Ripchar Valley trek etc. The unpredictable and often erratic weather of Ladakh adds to the predicament of already onerous treks. Nevertheless, they are most gratifying and capable of satisfying the most restless of beasts in you.

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Offers unmatched beauty, unique wildlife and fantastic photo-op

With the striking contrast of topography from lush greenery to blatant barren lands as you ride from Srinagar or Manali to Leh and then Ladakh, the region provides ceaseless naturally rich and interesting features worth capturing with your camera. From flatlands to mighty Himalayan Mountains and thirsty deserts to glimmering lakes, Ladakh is a treasure trove of stunning natural beauty indeed. It is also the perfect place to spot some exotic birds and witness the grandeur of Buddhist Monasteries. The inimitable culture, festivals and beautiful people of the region that you pass along, are another superb reason why you need to go biking through this spectacular land. Every bit of its identity doesn’t just give you lovely opportunity to engage in impressive photography but also experience the simplicity and yet splendour of this unique land of Ladakh.

With tons of beautiful and intriguing geographical features to explore and endless adventure activities like camel rides and trekking along with the most popular and enjoyable, bike rides, it can’t get better than Ladakh. So, it’s positively a time to put an end to the incessant plans that you have been making with your friends since college days and bring those into action. Set out for an experiential tour of bike riding in Ladakh; the guaranteed coolest and the best road-trip ever.

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