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Book Your New Zealand Holiday with Thomas Cook And Get Your Visa in 3 days!

A traveller’s delight and tourists’ haven, New Zealand has always been on our bucket lists. No matter if we intended to visit the rewardingly spectacular Mackenzie Basin to catch the aurora phenomenon, go for spelunking in Waitomo Caves or just head to visit the famous Hobbiton movie set, New Zealand was and will be one of our major exotic tourist destinations.  If you have been planning to visit New Zealand anytime soon for your honeymoon, family get-together or simply a solo trip, we have exciting news to further go ahead with your New Zealand travel plans. Thomas Cook has signed an exclusive letter of understanding with Tourism and Immigration New Zealand which will add huge value to New Zealand Tourism.

What is in it for you?

This collaboration means that the visa processes to New Zealand will be more streamlined than before, allowing us to seamlessly apply for New Zealand visas. Instead of taking close to 15 business days for our New Zealand visa applications to get processed, this letter of understanding brings down the entire process to just 3 days. Yes, you hear it right, just 3 days! One of the most beneficial aspects of the collaboration is that you can now make last minute plans to New Zealand, regardless of whether it is a wedding, a special occasion or if you just wanted to take a break because all it takes is just 3 days to get your visa processed and approved.

What does Thomas Cook management say about this?

Thomas Cook’s President and Country Head – Holidays, Passport, Visa and MICE – Mr Rajeev Khale shares, “We are honoured to have been selected as a preferred agent for this partnership. This program provides us with an advantage of faster processing of visitor visa applications from 15 days to 3 days for nationals of India who want to travel to New Zealand.” He reveals that the amount of Indian travellers visiting New Zealand has grown by 19% and that the new New Zealand visa process in place will further boost the number of tourists intending to have a good time in the country.

In case you are not sure of why New Zealand is so popular among tourists, here are the reasons why.

Places to Visit in New Zealand

Milford Sound

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One of the major attractions that arrive as a traveller’s delight is Milford Sound. The picturesque location of the South Island is a retreat that offers tourists the best of nature. It is a fiord that enchants you with its pristine water bodies, valleys, gorges, waterfalls and rainforests. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday amidst your schedule, your first trip has to be to here.

Waitomo Caves

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Those of you looking to satisfy your quest for adrenaline and spelunking have an ideal answer – Waitomo Caves. It is an underground cave system, but that is not what it is famous for. It is popular for its spectacular illumination by glow-worms that naturally lit up the caves in hues of neon blue, making the place nothing less than fantasy land.

Mackenzie Basin

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New Zealand is full of surprises. With its Mackenzie Basin, you can now fulfil your dream of catching the aurora phenomenon if you can’t make it to Europe all the way. Besides, the sky in Mackenzie Basin is perfect for stargazing and watching meteor showers that make you lose yourself to the grand beauty of the cosmos.

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Bonus information: Things to do in New Zealand

Apart from these, New Zealand is also popular for its activities like bungee jumping, snorkelling, skydiving and more. It is a destination that exists for you to have a whale of a time and if you are planning to come to New Zealand, start planning now. And with the reduction in visa processing time, you could be living your New Zealand dream next week!

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