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Booking FOREX Online and Other 7 Hacks for a Shoestring Travel Budget

There is a saying that ‘at any point in time, we either have money or time; rarely both together. And when it comes to travelling and seeing the world, we often don’t have either. Between taking time off from work and other responsibilities, and managing a travel budget, many avid travellers find themselves hesitant to spread their wings. However, a shoestring budget need not keep you from fulfilling your travel dreams. If you plan ahead, you can travel far, and you can travel cheaply by booking forex online. And here’s how you do it:

1. Saving money before you leave

Once you know you’re travelling, the first thing you do is booking forex online and get a prepaid travel card, like a Thomas Cook forex card. You will get it cheaper and if you book well in advance (up to 60 days before you travel), you can check live currency rates and buy it when the rate is lower. In fact, if you continue to check live currency rates, and the rate goes up, you can even sell forex online to recover some of your money.

2. Time or money?

Once you are done booking forex online, you have to decide what you can afford to spend, time or money. That will help you choose whether to take a flight (and save time) or to travel by road (and save money). You can go straight to your destination or break up the journey and enjoy myriad sights in between. And your prepaid travel card works like a borderless prepaid card, accepted everywhere.

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3. Hotels? Hostels? Or couch surf?

Instead of hotels, go with couch surfing, hostels, bed-n-breakfast places, or just pitch a tent in camping grounds. You can use your one currency card at nearly all these places. And if not, you can withdraw money with it too.

4. Have a daily budget

Figure out how much you are going to spend each day (depending on the cost of living in the place you’re visiting) and stick to that. The easiest way is to carry a prepaid travel card so you don’t have the loose cash to splurge.

5. Food and drink

Don’t scrimp on food. Look for buffets and enjoy some amazing local street food. If you’re couch surfing, you might even be allowed to cook there, saving you tons of money. Throw yourself a picnic in a garden or near a famous monument, and just enjoy the day. And carry a reusable water bottle. Buying water can quickly add up the numbers. Once again, your one currency card is your best friend while travelling.

6. Pick cheaper but attractive destinations

You don’t have to follow the herd. Find something that you like and fits your budget. And if you are booking forex online, you save money which you can put back into your holiday. And maybe next year you can plan earlier and save up to go to the more expensive destinations.

Look for places that offer you an opportunity to enjoy free concerts or street performances. Look around for tourist cards that give you discounts. If you’re a student or teacher, keep your identity card handy, and enjoy free or discounted entry into museums, etc.

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7. Taxi or bus?

Once again, do a time versus cost comparison to decide this. Is the one hour wait for a bus worth the extra $2 per person you will spend on a taxi? And you can even pay for your cab ride with your borderless prepaid card.

8. And finally, do not be cheap

You’ve already taken the smart decision to buy forex online. Now, make the most of your travel. Compromise on where you sleep, but don’t hesitate to splurge on a never-again experience.

At Thomas Cook, we are there to assist you at every step of your vacation. Through us, you can buy forex online and even sell forex online. The Thomas Cook forex card is your friend when you are travelling. This Thomas Cook website is where you can book yours.

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