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Bring Home Vintage European Fervor through Budapest Shopping

Budapest, the romantic capital of Hungary is one of the most alluring shopping destinations for the shopaholics. This has been termed as the most beautiful towns in the world along with the increasing importance as the hub in Central Eastern Europe for industry and business. Unreachable is the sight on the Danube at night when shores are lighted and then the lights are reflecting in the Danube. In addition to exploring this beautiful city, Budapest shopping is also one thing you should not miss. Once you end up at any of the popular shopping destinations in Budapest, it is almost impossible to resist from picking up shawls, rugs, attractive handmade fabrics, clothing and jewellery and more. The markets over here provide the endless variety of options that are only enough to confuse you as well as entice you to the height of infinity.

The Top Budapest Shopping Destinations for Unique Items

1. Koller Gallery

When it comes to the art of Hungary, the place is blessed with numerous artists and various art forms from the contemporary artworks to the ancient and tribal art. So, if you are going for the Budapest shopping, you cannot miss the art galleries over there. And among them all, this place is one of the famous ones where you can shop your heart out! The Koller gallery is more up-market as compared to the Mall Gallery because of the striking custom designed interiors. It can house more artworks as well as more diverse kinds of artworks.

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  • Address: Budapest, Táncsics Mihály u. 5, 1014 Hungary
  • Time to visit: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Speciality:  Graphics, Paintings and Sculptures

2. Eventuell Gallery:

If you are actually opting for the amazing Budapest shopping destinations, then do not miss this beautiful art gallery from your list. These beautiful and modernized art gallery houses contain the most number of original artworks that have been made by South Africans and the bohemian ambience outside the gallery is the welcome treat to visitors. This art gallery often puts together some show based on the work of an individual artist along with a specific option of work from the other artists put together. The visual art is the most common form that has been shown in the gallery, with the paintings being the most well-liked. Artists who are known as sculptors or photographers are able to display their own work as well. Unlike museums, galleries classically collect the commission from each and every piece that is sold.

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  • Address: Budapest, Nyáry Pál u. 7, 1056 Hungary
  • Hours Open: 10 am to 6 pm
  • How to reach: Taking a cab or private car from the Budapest city, you can reach this place.

3. West End City Center:

If you are a shopaholic and are on the looking out for some famous Budapest shopping destinations, visiting the West End City Center would be an ideal choice for you. If you are seeking to buy some of the traditional Hungarian Dresses, then do not miss visiting this beautiful shopping mall. There is a massive variety of trendy and fashionable clothing that is a blend of western and eastern Hungarian cultures. The dresses are extremely popular in Budapest. The mall also offers beautiful dresses, jewellery and handicrafts as well. There are almost 3,000 fashion brands on offer here. The mall houses more than 200 shops in the mall which includes 70 footwear shops and 50 jewellery stores. This place also covers all of your requirements when in necessitate.

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  • Address: Budapest, Váci út 3, 1062 Hungary
  • Hours Open: 9 am to 9 pm
  • How to reach: You can take local bus or taxi to reach that place. Or else, you can hire a private car too.

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4. MOM Park:

When you are in a search of some amazing Budapest shopping destinations, this place would be the ideal choice for you. It is one of the amazing shopping centres, which is really worthy of praise. Featuring the traditional-looking external akin this beautiful mall would also never fail to just impress shoppers of all kinds. In terms of beauty and elegance, this Budapest shopping centre is one of the attractive places as well. Most importantly, game centres, boutiques, and even cinemas of all kinds entirely fill the mall’s vast interior. Aside from only offering the patrons a chance to shop in the most lavish manner, the MOM park malls also provide such shopping enthusiasts with an opportunity to relax in the most luxurious of means.

  • Address: Budapest, Alkotás u. 53, 1123 Hungary
  • Hours open: 7 am to 12 am
  • Tips: Along with shops and stores, the shopping mall provides car parking facility, WI-FI connection. The transports are also accessible.

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5. Ecseri Flea Market:

When it comes to shopping in the popular Budapest shopping destinations, this place would be an ideal choice as well. Most of the savvy bargain decorators know that there are lots of treasures that to be found at flea markets. Knowing some treasures are to be found and then knowing what to look for are two very different things. Well, this particular market is paradise for the shopaholics. You can get ample of exclusive patterns to provide a custom flair to your home. Framed as well as unframed art also can be found easily at flea markets.

Look through the proper stacks of art, toward a back of the pile, to just find the best bargains. Buy only what you completely love and do not be scared to negotiate with the stunning traditional art is the most instinctively priced item at a flea market. Along with that, you can also buy antique spools, table linens and more. Besides, the antique and traditional house décors are also available there. It is considered as one of the amazing Budapest shopping destinations as well.

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  • Address: Budapest, Nagykőrösi út 150, 1194 Hungary
  • Hours Open: 8 am to 4 pm
  • How to reach: taking a private car in the city of Budapest, you can easily reach in the market.

6. Arena Plaza

When you are in Hungary and looking for the Budapest shopping destinations, you cannot miss this place from your list. It has been considered as one of the amazing shopping destinations as well. So, when you are in Budapest, you would definitely love to shop from the place for yourself and other near and dear ones as well. It also has been the busiest high street and this topmost shopping arena is the chock-a-block full of the nation’s most popular shops. They also have ample of shops and stores that sell lots of striking and unique gifts, which will mesmerize your eyes for sure.

It offers the most visually elegant and beautiful shopping experience in Budapest as all the stores conform to a same ornate architectural style. This shopping mall also features some of the fashion boutiques, department shops, restaurants and also well known high street names and this is also home to this world’s best known Budapest shopping toy store too.

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  • Address: Budapest, Kerepesi út 9, 1087 Hungary
  • Hours Open: 10 AM to 9 PM
  • How to reach: You can take the bus to reach the place or else, you can hire a cab too.

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7. Allee Shopping Center

If you are on the lookout acquire famous Budapest Shopping destinations, you can go to this place where you can relish and spend your time by experiencing the shopping of innovative and extraordinary clothes, ornaments, home décor and more. You can actually find almost anything there from the traditional and antiques to contemporary electronic products. Almost anything there you can purchase quite cheaper rather than in other places. This Budapest Shopping is a shopaholics’ paradise.

  • Address: Budapest, Október huszonharmadika u. 8-10., 1117 Hungary
  • Hours Open: 10 AM to 9 PM

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8. Reflexshop

When out for some Budapest shopping, you cannot miss the famous antique stores like Reflexshop for they offer lots of contemporary and modern curios. They also offer many impressive structures, gorgeous and traditional stunning art and dazzling furniture, at affordable prices. It has an extensive range of quality Roman and European antiques and is sure to pique the interest of many.

  • Address: Budapest, Eötvös u. 39, 1067 Hungary
  • Hours Open: 10 am to 8 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions about Budapest Shopping

1. How do you get around Budapest?

Almost everything is right within walking distance in Budapest. If you want to spend less time on foot and then more time seeing the sightseeing and shopping areas, public transport is quick and reasonably priced.

2. Is Budapest a secure city for the travellers?

Budapest is absolutely a safe city with the stipulation for the travellers.

3. When are shops open in the city?

The standard shop opening hours in Monday to Friday are 10:00-18:00 and then Saturday 10:00-13:00. Some of the department stores usually open at 10:00, while the grocery store, supermarkets and bakeries are open 07:00-20:00. Shops are basically closed on Sundays, except shopping malls.

4. Are the transports available on holidays?

Well, as the visitors come in mainly holidays, so you do not have to worry about the transports. Bus, train, flights, and also private cars are available in the holidays.

5. How to reach Budapest?

Getting the flight to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport will be an easier option. But along with the travel service, you can also avail train, bus and also a private car to reach the city. And the relaxing factor is that the public transports are quite safe and secure too.

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