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Buy Forex Online for a Stress-free Vacation

Travelling abroad was a matter of huge pride and prestige once upon a time. However, times have changed and today travel has become accessible to everyone and every pocket. Travelling to a different country means making sure you have enough local currency. Wondering how to have enough local currency? Simply buy Forex online and forget about currency woes.

Technology and Internet have made life extremely easy for everyone. Travelling abroad today has become easy and accessible to all.  ThomasCook, don’t just efficiently manage travel arrangements but also assist you in getting Forex.

Gone are the days when you had to queue up at the airport counters for the forex or depend on unreliable sources and vendors to get you the same. You could simply buy a Forex online on your smartphone. It is that easy.

ThomasCook Forex Services has made buying Forex online quite easily. All you need to do is log into the website, fill in the relevant details, upload the documents mentioned and you are good to go. With easy online and offline payment options, it is extremely easy to buy forex online. This is not all; you can also have it delivered to your doorstep. However, it might take up to 48 hours to process the details and the delivery may be delayed on weekends and holidays.

The next big question that pops into one’s mind once you buy forex online is what would be the best option to carry it. Carrying a lot of cash in a foreign land is not a great idea. For the convenience of travellers, Forex can be availed in 3 forms.

1. Prepaid Forex Cards – Best way to buy forex online

These are the most efficient way of carrying foreign exchange. You could always withdraw cash from an ATM as and when you require it. The biggest benefit of carrying a Prepaid Travel Card you can reload the card anytime, anywhere while on the go.  One can choose Forex cards depending on their requirement and need.

If you are a frequent traveller who travels across continents, Thomas Cook’s multi-currency card is the best option. If you are a one time traveller, on holiday to one particular country, you could opt for Thomas Cook’s one currency card.  The best thing about these cards is that they can be reloaded anytime, anywhere and are completely safe. It is always recommended that you take 70% of your Forex in the form of Prepaid Forex cards.

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2. Forex Cash

Keeping cash handy always helps. Be it that quick meal or cab fare, cash always helps. So when you buy forex online, make sure to get at least 30% of the amount in the form of currency notes. Carrying large amounts of cash is certainly not recommended but little handy cash always helps. Thomas Cook’s Forex services help you get forex at low prices and make the deal worthwhile.

3. Traveller’s cheque

If you are someone who is moving abroad for business or studies, it is most likely that you would require a large amount of money. The best option offered by Thomas Cook in scenarios like this is the Traveller’s Cheque. These cheques have no expiration date. Thomas Cook offers financial protection in case the cheque is lost or stolen.

ThomasCook Forex Services offers not just quality service but round the clock customer service. Thomas Cook offers suitable options and impeccable service to make your stay abroad a hassle and stress-free one.

This simply means you could spend more time planning your holiday and itineraries rather than thinking about forex. Just make sure, you buy forex before you get on your trip. So let go of your forex worries and pack those bags and simply jet, set, go.

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