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Can I withdraw money from Travel Card? All Questions Answered

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While travelling abroad, we often have questions about foreign exchange and using a Travel Card. How will we manage the exchange rates, especially if we are travelling to multiple countries? Where can we get the best exchange rates? Can I carry Foreign Currency electronically? What are the documents required for Foreign Currency? if you are wondering how can you withdraw money from travel card? In this blog, we attempt to answer all the frequently asked questions about Foreign Currency, Travel Cards and more.

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1. Can I Withdraw Money from Travel Card?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Thomas Cook travel card at any ATMs. However, please note that to avail of this facility, your travel card should be configured for the currency you wish to withdraw.

2. How can I withdraw money from travel card?

To withdraw money from travel card, you need to insert your card into any ATM machine abroard and follow the instruction. It is as simple as withdrawing money from your regular bank card.

3. Can I use my Thomas Cook Travel Card for online shopping in Foreign Countries?

Your Travel Card is typically a debit card with cash loaded in it in the form of one or multiple foreign currencies. As long as the card is configured for the currency you wish to transact in, you will be able to use it for online payments as well.

4. How Can I apply for a Thomas Cook Travel Card?

In order to apply for a travel card, you need to submit the FormA2 and other Forex Documents as mandated by the authorities. Some of the documents include a proof of passport and a statement specifying the required funds. Those travelling for leisure are allowed to carry a maximum of $10,000 in US Dollars and those people who are travelling for business are allowed to carry a maximum of $25,000 in foreign currency.

5. Can I reload the Travel Card when I am abroad?

Yes, you can easily reload the Thomas Cook Travel Card online. All you need to do is make an online payment of the required amount on the official Thomas Cook website. Your card will be topped up in minutes! Just keep in mind the prevailing exchange rates when you top-up your Travel Card.

6. Can I load Multiple Currencies in a Single Thomas Cook Travel Card?

There are two types of Travel Cards available from Thomas Cook; a Single Currency card allows you to carry only one type of foreign currency while a Borderless Prepaid Card allows you to carry multiple currencies in one single card. So if you need multiple currencies, opt for a Borderless Prepaid Card from Thomas Cook.

7. What are the security measures of the Thomas Cook Travel Card?

All Thomas Cook Travel Cards are secured by a 4 digit Pin and a Chip. This makes them really safe to use and as secure as your personal credit or debit card.

8. What is the Validity of Travel Cards? Can I choose a card that has a longer validity period?

Depending upon your requirements, you can choose a Travel Card that is valid for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years.

9. What do I do if my Travel Card is lost?

The first thing you need to do if your card is lost is to inform us at our 24/7 Customer Care number. We shall block the card to prevent its misuse. If you need a new card, we shall get the same dispatched to you within 48 hours of the loss report.

Thomas Cook’s Travel Cards are not only safe and convenient but also offer really competitive foreign exchange rates. And with all of the above features and value-added services, they make the best choice when it comes to using foreign currency while abroad.

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