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Celebrate Holi by Exploring Jungles and Palaces

Spending some quality time with your family or friends on a quick getaway this extended Holi weekend can be a great idea. It can take you to places like jungles and palaces that are in the lap of nature or seeped in royalty. Thomas Cook gives you a chance to visit such exotic destinations in India this Holi.

Jungle Destinations in India

Ignite your adventurous spirit with Thomas Cook’s Jungle Trails and Wild Trails packages, both of which will take you on a trip to the famous Jim Corbett National Park in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. While Jungle Trails offer a 02 Night / 03 Days stay at a starting price of INR 10,999, the Wild Trails package includes 03 Night / 04 Days of stay at a starting price of INR 14,099. You can opt for the packages depending on the quantity of time you want to spend at this naturally resplendent nature park this Holi.

Even if you are not a wildlife enthusiast, a trip to India’s first national park can be a memorable sojourn. The park gets its name after legendary tiger hunter Jim Corbett. What adds to the attraction here is the chance of a tiger sighting. There are over 200 tigers present in the reserve, which offers a great scope of seeing one on your trip. The 1318 square km park is abode to many wildlife and avian species. Besides, the natural setting of the sal forest, the grassland and river make for bewitching scenery.

Palaces In India

The other option that Thomas Cook offers you this Holi is getting a slice of royal lives on the Udaipur Calling package. It is designed to make your stay in this majestic city in Rajasthan cozy. At a starting price of INR 11,399, you can spend 03 Night / 04 Days in this beauteous city, against the backdrop of the shimmering Lake Pichola. The ochre and the purple ridges of the wooded Aravalli Hills radiates out in every direction from the city. Palaces, temples and markets complete its charms. At the centre of Udaipur are the City Palace and the Lake Palace, resplendent in their grandiose.

With these Thomas Cook packages, you can enjoy a memorable holiday this Holi weekend by exploring jungles and palaces.

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Celebrate Holi by Exploring Jungles and Palaces - Thomas Cook India
Spend some quality time with your family or friends by exploring Jungles and Palaces in India this Holi. Plan your trip now!
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