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Cheapest Way to travel in London

There’s something about the city of London, that despite having lived there all your life you might still wake up one morning feeling like a tourist, afterall the Tourism in London has so much to offer! The city has so much to offer – endless list of fun things to do, interesting places to visit and experiences just waiting to happen. There’s something new to discover with every passing day. But what is the cheapest way to travel in London?

Read on, as we tell you how to truly enjoy London under forty pounds in a day!

Cheapest Way to travel in London

Breakfast at Borough MarketIf the sweet smell of freshly baked bread and hot coffee is appealing to you, then a visit to Borough Market is a must for a good breakfast in London. The Floupower city bakery across the street complements the coffee perfectly.  If your hunger pangs strike, there is small fruit stall next to the bakery where you can get a delicious box of fresh strawberries for just a pound.

Wine tasting at VinopolisThey are no Parisians (read: food connoisseurs) but the British hold fine dining and a good bottle of wine in great regard. Tucked away under the arches of a former railway, the Vinopolis offers free wine tastings in its wine shop!

Tate ModernDon’t worry if you don’t get art or are not the poetic type, this place won’t bore you. The Tate Modern art gallery offers modern, interactive art that any layman can understand! The tall building has little architectural appeal from the outside, but is magnificent from the inside! Hint: The cafe on the seventh floor is extremely charming with spectacular views over the Thames.

Second hand books

Outside the British Film Institute (BFI) there are several second hand book shops where you can browse blissfully for hours. Ancient books, maps, prints and what not. If you’re an avid reader, this place will surely prove to be a reader’s paradise!

A walk along the riverThe stretch between the BFI and the London Eye is the liveliest part of the south bank. You can spend hours aimlessly walking, while street artists/ bands make music using tins, cans and plastic drums to keep you entertained! You can even have a picture taken with a policeman dressed in a tutu!

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There you go, a cheapest way to travel in London without burning a hole in your pocket! Have you been to this fascinating city of history yet? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Cheapest Way to travel in London - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
There’s something new to discover in London with every passing day. But what is the cheapest way to travel in london? Here are few tips!
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