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Common-sense Guide for Solo Woman Traveller

Travel sites today offer a rather easy and convenient way for women and men, both, to select their next destination, identify the travel and sightseeing options there, and make a booking, all from the comfort of their chair or phone. In this article let’s take a look at The Common-sense for Solo Woman Traveller.

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Given a chance, most women won’t even bat their eyelids before setting out to explore the world on their own. The latter however, can be quite a hostile place and there’s no knowing the kind of danger that’s lurking round the corner. This is why; every woman needs to have her common-sense guide within reach, offering a travel check-list of sorts, every time she gets into one of her exploratory moods!

  • Awareness is the key to a safe and successful trip and this is especially true for a solo woman traveller. It is always a good thing to observe other women when walking in the town center or on public transport systems. It helps to cut down on overtly indicative behaviour.
  • Camera hung from the neck, purse/bag dangled absentmindedly from the shoulder due to the obvious excitement of being at an exotic location, etc. are tell-tale signs that are a dead giveaway of a person being a tourist. Needless to say, such behaviour should be avoided.
  • Clothing is another area where there’s scope for improvement. Always research the generic dress code of a particular place before visiting. This helps avoiding cultural snafus, keeps unwarranted attention at bay and also improves chances of getting a good bargain while shopping. After-all, someone dressed like a local might just be taken for an expat resident rather than a tourist.
  • Neutral colours work best. They not only attract lesser attention, but also reduce the chances of being singled out by unscrupulous merchants and other less desirable elements of society.
  • Backpacks and bulky kit bags that restrict ones mobility too should be avoided. Use a handy-sized bag that will hold the bare essentials and try carrying along a shopping bag from the local supermarket.

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Rising disposable incomes, increased freedom from domestic responsibilities and the eagerness to carve out one’s own identity have meant that the solo woman traveller is as ubiquitous as they come. So broaden those horizons and venture out, for the world is a wonderful place that’s waiting to be explored! Plan your holidays now!

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Solo Woman Traveller’s Common-sense Guide to Exploring the World. broaden those horizons and venture out with Thomas Cook Holidays!
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