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#NoRegrets Contiki Tour For The Modern Day Young Traveller

Wanderlust is a special feeling. It’s like appetite, thirst, love and fear. It is the feeling that gives us something to look forward to. That feeling that we get when we explore unknown countries is one that cannot really be explained in words. They say travel as much as you can before you hit 30 for that is the time that your body can do almost anything! This is the time when you can best satiate your wanderlust without a care in the world. The more we cling on to this feeling, the closer it takes us to life, people, humanity and all the good things the world has to offer.

Travelling, exploring different places and learning about different cultures is perhaps the best way to discover one’s self and also plays an important role in uniting cultures, languages, borders and ethnicities. So if you are approaching your 30s or if you feel you have not seen enough in life, we recommend you visit Japan, Australia, Spain and the United States of America; 4 countries that are so different in terms culture, the geography that you will be overwhelmed!

1. Japan – A Spiritual Experience of Contrasts!

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Japan is a land of stark contrasts. Do not be surprised if you can see a historic castle on one side and a skyscraper on the other. That is just how it is! From food delicacies like sushi and teppanyakis to their famous tea culture, you have to experience them all. One of the most culturally rooted and technologically advanced countries in the world is Japan. At a time when most countries were struggling to get better internet connectivity, Japan was innovating closets withWiFi. With a population that lives and breathes innovation and has tons of cultures and traditions alive in their everyday lives, this is one country that will give you new perspectives on how you have been seeing your life. The Japanese believe in punctuality and other basic human traits and a visit here will help spark an evolution from within.

With our Japan Contiki package, you can start getting acclimatized to new environments by understanding Kanji – Japanese scripture – and heading to the Universal Studios, where you can live your childhood dreams of screaming down the rollercoaster. You can also visit Kyoto, where you will find yourself amidst innumerable temples, shrines and gardens and even visit the museum that shows how to make the renowned Sake. From Kyoto, you can head to Tokyo and get absorbed into the fast-paced world of people there and an even faster bullet train called the Shinkansen. If you have never witnessed a hot spring before, reach the Onsen and get to experience the natural phenomenon.

Traverse your way through the fish markets and gradually make your way up to Hakuba, where you will be welcomed by snow-capped mountain peaks and terrains. If you are at the right time, you can also experience the phenomenon of cherry blossom will offer you a glimpse of paradise when the entire country is encircled by shades of pink. You can find people happy and united and every single person you will come across will have something to teach you and even inspire you.

#NoRegrets Activities in Japan

  • Spend a day exploring Osaka on your own and understanding what the city and the Japanese are famous for.
  • Shop till you drop at the iconic Dotonbori market.
  • Visit the world-famous Universal Studios
  • Get introduced to the rich Japanese history at the Osaka Castle
  • Plonk down at the aquarium and get amazed by the many exotic undersea animals and plants.
  • Get a taste of the local Japanese cuisine such as Seaweed and Sashimi
  • Explore the Sake Making Museum in Kyoto. It is an integral part of Japan’s cultural heritage
  • Visit the lake woven grounds of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace another symbol of Japan’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Get awed while shopping at the Harajuku and Shibuya districts of Tokyo.
  • Indulge in signature Japanese Sushi and other delicacies while exploring Tokyo.
  • Visiting the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is another amazing exotic Japanese experience.
  • If you are game for something wild, experience what baring all in public feels like during the Onsen Experience!
  • Make your own Sushi!

The above are just some of the #NoRegrets inclusions of the Thomas Cook Contiki Package. There’s a lot more in store for you!

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2. Australia – Dive Deep and Push your Limits!

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If Japan was all about influencing you psychologically and bringing in changes from within, Australia is all about physical activities and experiencing a different kind of a world. The island-country is famous for its beaches and coral reefs and to experience life beyond human comprehension, you need to dive into the ocean to get transported to a magical world. The countless schools of fish, alive coral reefs and other marine lives will leave you with a scintillating impact for a while after you return home. In addition to the mystical Great Barrier Reef, you can also visit the rainforests in the region of Cairns and understand how life is there and the lifestyle of the aboriginal people.

You can plan your tour by starting out at Cairns, which is more like a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Indulge in a range of water sports or take up surfing lessons like we mentioned or go for white water rafting. From here, you can beach hop to another magnificent island called the Whitsundays, from where you can reach the Whitehaven beach that is known for being one of the most picture-perfect beaches in Australia. The turquoise water makes it perfect t0 get on to the water again and practice your surfing lessons.

For those of you who love to meet and interact with people and get to know them better, you can head to the Langmorn Cattle Station, where you can spend time in the countryside with some of the most amazing people. Ride hay wagons and enjoy traditional feasts on the outback of the state and sing along to country songs as the locals get together for an evening you will remember for a lifetime. From the countryside, it is time to head to the coasts again where you can reach the sand island (world’s largest) called the Fraser Island. Hike the Glass House Mountains here and move on to spotting koalas and visiting some hip beaches and bohemian cafes.

Besides, Australia is also home to some of the safest adventure sports and you can experience your youth shouting right at you with some extreme activities like skydiving, bungee jumping and more. Do check out the Thomas Cook Contiki Australia Package to know more!

#NoRegrets Activities in Australia

  • Get acquainted with the rich natural reserves of the Daintree Forest. Take a local guide to introduce you to the Aboriginal regions history, nature and cultural heritage of Cape to Cairns.
  • Explore your wild-side on a Zip-line!
  • Pay a visit to Port Douglas and explore the mangroves.
  • Explore Cairns on your own and understand what backpackers all over the world about this little town.
  • Take a cruise along the outer lines of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Take a thrilling White Water Rafting Experience in Cairns.
  • Go for the AJ Hacket Minjin Swing, a unique Australian adventure activity!
  • Bungee Jump your heart out in Cairns!
  • Take a lunch stop at the colonial Townsville. Spend some time at this backpacker’s hub and the Airlie Beach before heading down to Whitsundays
  • Take a Sailing Trip to the Whitehaven Beach if the weather is right. If a one day trip is not enough, sign up for a private sailing adventure which will let you explore some of the most exotic islands of Whitsundays.
  • Stay at the Langmorn Cattle Station and experience some true blue Australian Hospitality. Go Hay Wagon Riding and then relax with some Karaoke.
  • Don’t forget the Ohana Winery Experience in Farmstay!

3. Spain – The Blend of Excitement, Culture and Party!

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For those who follow football, Spain, especially Barcelona, is at the first or second spot of your bucket list. But you know what? Bucket lists are meant to be lived and not tucked in some corner of your backpack!

We know that you want to get a photo clicked in front of the Barcelona football stadium and it is the exact time for you to do it as well. Live a life like 10 years from now, you will have some of the most memorable stories to share when sitting at a bonfire. And Spain is one country that can give you countless experiences and stories. Apart from being one of the most beautiful countries, Spain is also enlightening of sorts. Getting introduced to the European culture, the landscapes, the sights and sounds of the bustling Spanish cities, the dance forms and more, Spain is love at first sight.

Start your Thomas Cook Contiki Tour of Spain at Madrid by exploring the city of Madrid on foot and entering into some pizzerias and slowly move towards the idyllic port town of Bilbao, where you will be welcomed by lush green mountains and skyscrapers at the same time. Once you’re done exploring Bilbao, make your way to Pamplona and hit the beach at the San Sebastian bay and further move up and reach Barcelona. Walk past some of the most historic monuments like the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla Districts to the Sagrada Familia, check every item off your bucket list.

Moving away from a heritage city to where all the fun and frolic is, you next reach Ibiza – also considered the party capital of the country. Apart from parties that happen till 7 in the morning, you can also head to the beach and indulge in some water sports. From there, catch a ferry and reach the laidback city of Granada where you can find attractions like Royal Chapel, Albaicin and more. For more awe-inspiring architecture, simply head to Seville, where you will have your mind blown by one of the world’s biggest cathedrals and architectural marvels dating back to the 13th century. Once when you think you have seen it all, grab a glass of sangria and call it a day!

#NoRegrets Activities

  • Explore the lively plazas of Madrid and take in the blend of traditional charm along with the modern vibrancy; experience what Spain is all about!
  • Head to Bilbao and explore this emerging Spanish cultural hub. Set out on an exploration on your own or with a group of your new found friends.
  • Take sea dips at San Sebastian and then indulge in some Pintxos before you slide over to Pamplona.
  • Explore Barcelona, every football lover’s dream destination. Enjoy some amazing Sangrias along with a Churro or 12!
  • Explore the Gothic Quarter and the La Rambla district, the sizzling pockets of Barcelona. Then enjoy a Flamenco Show over dinner.
  • IF you in the mood for something wild, head over to Ibiza, the party capital of the world. Enjoy all night dancing sessions or head over to the gorgeous beaches for some water sports!

Excited to know more? Check out the Thomas Cook Contiki Spain Package right away!

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4. California – Experience the American Dream

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The American dream, the American way of life and the American hustle, we all have dreams of either moving to the US to work or get a chance to visit one of the most close-to-perfect countries. A nation that is remarkably developed is home to some of the best attractions in the world. The major aspect of visiting America, especially California is that the place is aspiring. It inculcates in you to do more and reach greater heights. It could be because of the presence of Silicon Valley or the fact that there tons of startups in the region, but the vibes that you get from here are capable of taking you to the next level.

The commitment people show to their work, the bigger dreams they have for themselves and their society are all inspiring and we are sure you would want to share their intentions and thoughts once you visit the place and come back. In youth, this thirst is crucial and the mind that realizes this reaches greater heights. All the attractions, Michelin-rated restaurants aside, California has to be visited just for the change it will bring in within you to do more in life and career.

However, when Contiki tour is the motto, you would want to start your trip from a destination that is every man’s dream holiday – Las Vegas. Synonymous to everything fun and exciting, explore the city on foot to get a real feeling of being in the place. Take in all the festivities the city has to offer and head to the Strip for some of the greatest parties. Postpone all your plans and intentions to sleep as the city never sleeps nor does it allow its visitors to. Try your luck at the casinos and see if you can earn some dollars enough to buy a pint.

If you are done partying and you feel you have lived your Vegas dreams, take your next step towards Californian adventures as you move up the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Explore the mountains and reach waterfalls, spotting some wildflowers on the way. Take some time out to appreciate the rock formations and enter the Yosemite National Park. From the countryside and the woods of the Nevada Mountains, say hello to sophistication and urban lifestyle as you step into San Francisco. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and explore Chinatown, North Beach, Haight-Ashbury and hop on to the catamaran cruise.

Explore the cosmopolitan city and climb aboard the cable cars or rent bikes and travel through the gullies and streets of San Francisco until you think you have seen it all. Head to cafes, grab some pints and eat the local delicacies like fried chicken and more. Take a stroll through the Silicon Valley and see if you have any ideas striking for a startup of your own!

#NoRegrets Contiki Tour Activities in California

  • Spend your day hanging out at the Las Vegas Strip and hit up any of the sin city’s party hotspots in the evening to experience the never-ending nightlife out here!
  • Get awed by some of the world’s largest and most exotic hotels, bars and casinos.
  • Hop on board the Las Vegas Party Bus and experience Las Vegas like it should be!
  • Do not forget to see the exotic Cirque du Soleil Show
  • Stay at the iconic Bass Lake Resort, a Contiki exclusive
  • Drive past the Joshua Trees, the famous landmarks of the Mojave Desert.
  • If you are in the mood for some adventure in December, spend a few days enjoying adventure sports at Lake Tahoe.
  • Breathe in the natural fresh air of the Yosemite; Mountains, Rock Formations, Meadows, Waterfalls and Wildflowers, you will find it all here as you hike up the hills or head there on a bicycle. Don’t miss the El Capitan and the Half Dome, two of Yosemite’s special rock formations.
  • Cross the Golden Gate and the Oakland Bay Bridges and catch the breath-taking views of the bays as you go along!
  • Hop on one of the cable cars in the city and experience the place as a local!
  • Go for a sunset catamaran cruise at the fisherman’s wharf!
  • Go on a guided walking tour of the North Beach in San Francisco and follow it up with dinner at China Town.

We are sure all these amazing details of California have got you excited! Don’t wait! Book your Thomas Cook Contiki Package for Californian Delights right away.

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Contiki tours are only for people aged between 18 and 35 and these are the crucial years not just for your career but your life as well. After 35, you either won’t have time to dedicate to yourself or won’t be physically capable of travelling raw. Everything is now and here and like we mentioned, places like these are more than happening and fun. They are life-changing and this is what exactly youth needs. Time to pack your bags and leave!

Check out all our Contiki tour packages and we bet you won’t regret.


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