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Experience the Bliss and Picturesque Splendor of Coorg Hill Station

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Sl. No.Places to Visit in Coorg Best season to visitOperating Hours
1Abbey fallsJune to August7 am to 6 pm
2Raja’s SeatMarch to May6 am to 8 pm
3Dubare Elephant CampDecember to February10 am to 3:30 pm
4Nagarhole National ParkApril and May5:30 am to 10:00 am (Jeep safari) and 6 am to 9 am (bus safari)
5Omkareshwar TempleOctober to March8 am to 5 pm
6Cauvery NisargadhamaOctober to March9 am to 6 pm
7Namdroling MonasteryOctober to March9:00 am – 6:00 pm
8BylakuppeSeptember to March9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Coorg, sometimes referred to as the ‘Kashmir of the South’ is one of the stunning hill stations in Karnataka. Nestled amongst the lush and opulent hills of Western Ghats, Coorg is blessed with the unrivalled scenic beauty, which is quite spectacular. Acres of some lush green coffee as well as tea plantations, scenic mountains, River Kaveri and cascading waterfalls, the place gushes forth from the place of origination make a perfect backdrop for a beautiful holiday. Coorg is a beautiful window, which showcases the nature in its entire splendour. You can explore various scenic spots in Coorg hill station, which ensures that you go back your home with a bouquet of lovely memories.

The popularity of Coorg hill station as a travel paradise has led to the appearance of an extensive range of accommodation options. Coorg is located in southern part of Karnataka at an elevation of 3500 feet above sea level. Along with the pleasant climate all-year round, this is actually not surprising that the beautiful place plays a host to the travellers from all across the world. The local culture, local people, foods, lodgings and entire ambience of that place welcome you with a warm heart. Most of the visitors prefer visiting Coorg hill station during summer or monsoon to escape the scorching heat of the cities and enjoy few days of sheer bliss.

Experience the Geographical Features of Coorg

Coorg, also known as Kodagu is actually well known for its beautiful scenery and exceptional weather. This place has lured visitors from across the world. This place has been enriched with the vibrant scenery and stunning landscapes. Coorg tourism thrives in the summer season, which lasts between March and May. Apart from that, you can also explore the Coorg hill station during monsoon too.


To beat the scorching summer, a number of visitors choose Coorg hill station as the summer destination. The temperature in summers ranges between 22°C – 40°C. You will be a witness of the mist of clouds and pleasant breeze over there.


The winter in Coorg starts in December and lasts till February. The temperature ranges between 11°C – 28°C. As the temperature does not fall precipitously, so, this is also a good time to visit the place. Many places to visit in Coorg look really beautiful especially during the Winters


The place receives a good amount of rainfall during the rainy season. The rains provide a fresh and green look to the place. The temperature ranges between 23°C – 29°C. The tea and coffee plantations look enthralling along with the tiny droplets of rain covering the green fields. So, you can explore the beauty of the place in these three seasons.

The coffee plantations of Coorg has covered along with stunning greenery would charm anyone. With its tranquil landscapes, exquisite waterfalls and a wonderful assortment of flora and fauna, the place has much to provide tourists. When you are in Coorg, you will be able to witness a number of Coorg attractions, which will entice you and make you think of coming back again and again.

1. Abbey Falls- One of the best Coorg Hill Station

Abbey falls- Coorg hill station

Image Source

Abbey Falls is one of the most visited and exquisite places of Coorg. Amongst the famous places to visit in Coorg hill station, this one adds to the beauty of Coorg. This fall of a crystal clear water of River Kaveri has a floral surrounding. It is the 70 feet fall on the Kaveri River making an astonishing sight to watch. Pouring between the aromatic coffee plantations and some spice estates; the charming Abbey falls is one of the best places to see in Coorg hill station. Our travel guide will make you visit the entire enthralling place to explore the unveiled beauty of it.

  • Best season to visit: June to August
  • Opening and closing time: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Nearest Railway station: Nearest railway station is Mysore and Banglore station, which is 300 km away.

2. Raja’s Seat

Raja's seat- Coorg hill station

Image Source

While talking about the famous place of Coorg hill station, this one has gained a massive popularity. It was the favourite hangout place of Rajas (kings) who usually visited the place with their queens and the place got the name because of that. You will be able to get the pleasant climate and unsurpassable scenic beauty over there. This is now a stunning garden that has been adorned along with the array of some colourful flowers, concrete arc and artificial fountains. Our travel guides will make you visit the entire lavish and opulent green hills that are looming with some cottony clouds.

  • Best season to visit: March to May
  • Opening and closing time: 6 am to 8 pm
  • Nearest Bus stop: the nearest bus stop is Madikere. After landing at the airport, you can also hire a cab from there too

3. Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare elephant camp- Coorg hill station

Image Source

As there are several things to do in Coorg and amongst all visiting, the beautiful elephant camp is very important. Enjoy a fun-filled day along with these adorable elephants while watching them to have spurting bath. You also should allure them with some tasty delights and then they will finally let you get on their backs to discover the nature’s plenteousness around the banks of the river. Our tour guides will let you known each and every detail of the camp. The Dubare Elephant Camp is one of the sought-after holiday destinations in Coorg hill station as it contains almost 150 elephants.

  • Best season to visit: December to February
  • Opening and closing time: 10 am to 3:30 pm
  • Nearest railway station: Mysore railway station is the nearest, which is almost 100 km. Avail a cab to reach the camp from the station.

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4. Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole national park- Coorg hill station

Image Source

When you are in Coorg, you will be able to get an extraordinary Coorg hill station tour packages from our travel guides. Nagarhole National Park is also one of the famous destinations of Coorg, which spreads over an area of approx. 572 square km. It is a retreat for the nature lovers, where one will be able to get the sight of south Indian species of animals like leopards, tigers, elephants, deer and birds. You can also relish the morning as well as evening safaris right inside the park and our travel guides will assist you with detailed information about safari.

  • Best season to visit: April and May
  • Opening and closing time: 5:30 am to 10:00 (Jeep safari) and 6 am to 9 am (bus safari)
  • Nearest railway station: The nearest railway station is again in Mysore at a distance of 87 km.

5. Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar temple- Coorg hill station

Image Source

Amongst all of the famous places of Coorg hill station; this is one of the excellent temples of the place. This is an old temple that has been built in the year 1820 by Linga Rajendra II. Our travel guides will help you to know about the colonial architecture of the temple. Unique in its structure, this picturesque temple of Lord Shiva is an imposing amalgamation of both Gothic and Islamic style of architecture. After visiting this temple, one can easily sit by serene and tranquil water pond that is lying outside at middle of premises.

  • Best season to visit: October to March
  • Opening and closing time: 8 am to 5 pm
  • Nearest railway station: Nearest Railway Station is at Omkareshwar Road (12 km) right on the Ratlam-Khandwa section of the Western Railway. The other nearest railway station connected to Delhi and Mumbai is at Indore

6. Cauvery Nisargadhama

Cauvery Nisargadhama- Coorg hill station

Image Source

When you talk about the Coorg hill station places, you cannot miss this site from your list. A splendid island enclosed by the Cauvery river is located 3 km away from Kushalanagara, off the State Highway. The place offers numbers of recreational activities such as elephant ride, boating and nature walk. Our travel guides will make you visit the entire scenic beauty of the place and it has been enhanced by the beautiful variety of fauna and flora, which contains the thin and thick groves of teak, bamboos and sandalwood trees. It has been considered as one of the famous tourist sports of Coorg.

  • Best season to visit: October to March
  • Opening and closing time: 9 am to 6 pm
  • Nearest railway station: The nearest railway station is Kushalnagar. You can also take a cab to reach there.

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7. Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery- Coorg hill station

Image Source

While talking about the famous places of Coorg hill station, you cannot miss this “golden temple”. Well, visiting Namdroling Monastery, you will get to see some beautiful colonial architecture as well. It provides a Tibetan touch to the memorable trip to Coorg. There are several multicoloured flags that flutter outside the monastery and that revitalizes the overall ambience constantly of the surrounding and then makes the exciting structure of that monastery that looks quite beautiful. Numerous Tibetan food outlets and shops selling various Tibetan items outside the monastery offers a great chance to the tourists of indulging into the vibrant culture of the Tibets.

  • Best season to visit: October to March
  • Opening and closing time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Nearest railway station: The nearest railway station is Kushalnagar. You can also take a cab to reach there.

8. Bylakuppe

Bylakuppe- Coorg hill station

Image Source

It is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in south India. A visit to this specific place will let you come across many monasteries. While talking about Coorg hill station, you have to make sure that you choose this one. The place is absolutely stunning and offers you the extraordinary views as well. Visiting the beautiful gold-coated Buddhist statues over there, you will get fascinated and enthralled. Our travel guide will help you to know about the entire place as it has become one of the most-visited destinations for the tourists and visitors. You can also go Great Gompa of Sera Je, Sera Mey, and Mahayana Buddhist University as well.

  • Best season to visit: September to March
  • Opening and closing time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Nearest railway station: The nearest railway station of Bylakuppe is at Mysore, from where you can get long-distance connections. You can also get a taxi to reach the place.

Coorg Hotels: Fabulous and Picturesque

Coorg hill station is one of the perfect weekend gateway destinations. There are ample of lavish resorts and hotels available that caters to the affluent services. Most of the budget accommodation is found in the town of Madikeri and they are suitably situated around most of the sightseeing options. These hotels provide well-appointed rooms along with all the modern comforts and amenities.

1. The Peepal Tree Kabini

When it comes to staying at the Coorg hill station hotel, you can go for this one. The hotel offers some modern facilities and amenities to their clients with an affordable budget. Luxurious rooms and opulent green lawns are the main attraction of the hotel. One of the interesting facts about the hotel is that you will get to see a beautiful sightseeing from the balcony. They have some airy and absolutely spacious rooms for their customers.

  • Star Rating- 3/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 275 km
  • Approximate cost – INR 15, 660

2. Porcupine Castle Resort

The hotel is providing an exclusive array of amenities, features and facilities. Affluent travellers with a discerning taste can certainly book their stay at one of these exquisite hotels that offer every conceivable comfort one can think of. Enjoying idyllic locations, this particular hotel offers panoramic vistas of glorious green plantations, rolling hills, cascading waterfalls, meandering streams in nature’s lap.

  • Star Rating- 3/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 177 km
  • Approximate cost – INR 7, 539

3. Green Line Stay Coorg

The hotel ensures that the visitors and the tourists have a memorable and comfortable stay throughout their vacation. It is one of the amazing hotels that offer you some extraordinary amenities and facilities as well. They also offer some of the excellent mouthwatering and delicious cuisines. One of the interesting facts about the hotel is that they also offer you some national and international cuisines. They have airy and spacious rooms.

  • Star Rating- 2/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 2.1 km
  • Approximate cost – INR 2, 507

4. Stay Simple Raj Gardenia

This is one of the amazing hotels that offer you some of the extraordinary services and facilities as well. This particular hotel engages the tourists in a number of recreational and entertaining activities all through their vacation. They offer you with Ayurvedic massages, a dip in the swimming pool, boating and also a trip to the coffee plantations. You will get some of the extraordinary airy and spacious rooms, which are the best for visitors.

  • Star Rating- 3.4/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 22.2 km
  • Approximate cost – INR 4, 174

5. Treebo River Tern

It is a perfect pristine place for a holiday or break from your hectic life. They provide you classy 3-star facilities like health club, multi-cuisine restaurant, gym and swimming pool. This hotel is famous for its suitable location as it is close to everything like Wildlife Park, marketplaces, restaurants and a host of tourist attractions. This centrally located hotel is said to be one of best hotels in Coorg, which provides the contemporary and convenience services.

  • Star Rating- 3/5
  • Distance from nearest airport- 14.9 km
  • Approximate cost – INR 1, 843

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Coorg is the lavish green land that is full of natural beauty and it is situated in the mesmerizing state of Karnataka. When you are looking for the amazing weekend gateway, Coorg is the perfect destination for you. To make your holiday in Coorg truly memorable, you must know about the place properly and along with that try to choose any of our excellent Coorg tour packages as well. The place has turned out to be one of the most visited and sought-after destinations for the travel lovers. As the place contains some of the enthralling and mesmerizing beauty, you will love to go back again and again.

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