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Countries around the world where Indians get visa on arrival

When travelling abroad the first thing you need to sort is getting a visa. And if you are denied one after a long wait and procrastination, you have no other option but to kiss your vacation a goodbye. But did you know there are a few countries where you could visit without much visa hassle? Here’s a list of various countries where Indians can get a visa on arrival.


Some of the most beautiful and convenient destinations are located in Asia. From Maldives’s beautiful beaches to Nepal’s mountain ranges, arrival visa is offered in various countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, and Bhutan.


Visit Africa to enjoy the wildlife and scenery, this continent is filled with exotic wildlife and beautiful vegetation. Countries offering visa on arrival in Africa are Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mauritius and Madagascar.

North America

Sway to some Reggae music while chilling on the beaches of Jamaica where Bob Marley was from; visa on arrival for Indians is offered here.

South America

Visit South America’s colonial towns and white sandy beaches in Bolivia and Guyana offer visa on arrival.

Oceania Countries with Visa on Arrival

Countries like Fiji, Cook Islands, Palau and Micronesia have some of the world’s most scenic beaches and islands, and offer visa on arrival for Indians.

To obtain a visa on arrival, here are a few things you need to carry with you

A valid passport, return flight tickets, proof of hotel reservations, and a proof stating you have sufficient funds to cover the stay.  Carry two passport sized photographs and money as certain countries have a small fee to pay for the visa. Asia is one of the most visited continents and  Thailand,  Singapore and Malaysia tour packages are popular amongst Indian tourists.

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Countries Around The World Where Indians Get Visa on Arrival
Visa is not a hassle in every country. Check out the countries around the world that offer visa on arrival for Indians without any hassle.
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