Darjeeling: the confluence of scenic tea plantations and eco-tourism

Tea plantation in Assam

Monday, February 2, 2015
Settled in the east of India, at the foothills of the Kanchenjunga in the midst of the nurturing lap of the Himalaya‘s, is heaven on Earth- Darjeeling. Dabbed with sublime landscapes and cushy villas, Darjeeling astounds and charms the travelers in many ways. The hilly region of Darjeeling is well known for its tea, having rich fragrance and sensitive flavor. By comparison to 216,000 hectares of Assam’s Tea ranch region, Darjeeling has just around 20,000 hectares of Tea manor zone. Barring a few valuable resources, the generation amount at Darjeeling is restricted. However, it is most gently enhanced Teas have provided for its reputation of being the “Champagne of Teas”.

Tea plantation in Assam

Leisure walks through Tea Gardens: 

In a trip to Darjeeling, you can wander into the tea gardens, encountering the occupied life of the tea laborers there. You may discover a many laborers culling the tea leaves in the fields. You can witness those convey vast pails on their back and buckling down all as the day progresses. There are numerous families in Darjeeling, who are completely occupied with this calling, for eras. It is one such place where you can witness the making and assembling of tea straightforwardly.

Village Visit: 

Travel through Darjeeling Holiday Packages and get a chance to trek to adjacent towns like Salerigaon, Rishop, Kurseong and other littler off beaten spots, to think about the way of life of the individuals in the mountains. You can enjoy the local culture and ways of life at the scenic hills. The towns offer the guests the uncommon and special knowledge of living among the locals like the Gorkhas, Sherpas, the Lepchas and so forth and experience the nuances of bumpy life and the magnificent relationship that people keep up with nature and the other way around.

Red panda at Darjeeling zoo

Teesta Tea Festival: 

You can attend the Teesta Tea Festival, which is held around November or December, in Darjeeling and Sikkim consistently. The principle fascination of the celebration is the bright social celebration that is held in the rich greenery of tea arrangements, moving slopes and fabulous timberlands. Experience the taste of exceptional brews of the different mixtures of renowned Darjeeling teas, the locally available glorious cuisine, music, exhibitions and performances.

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