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Dip in a natural Infinity Pool: 9 architectural marvels that will wow you!

We all love the idea of infinity and dream to look at some form of it in our lifetime. Well, that dream can now come true with the spectacular natural infinity pools. It is true that nature can leave us spellbound and mesmerised, and it’s time to witness that! Listed below are 9 best natural infinity pools in the world:

Natural Infinity Pools Around the World

1. Coogee Beach Tidal Pool, Sydney, Australia:

The coastal areas of Sydney are known for their fabulous tidal pools. From the many pools, the one at Coogee beach is the best. It is built beautifully in a way that blends the end of the pool with the beginning of the ocean. You can visit this beauty through Australia holiday packages.  

2. Travertine Terraces, Pamukkale, Turkey:

The Travertine Terraces is a UNESCO World Heritage site built in flowing water. The formations of carbonate minerals in flowing water look heavenly. You will be breath-taken! Turkey holiday packages are here to make you enjoy this breath- taking view.

3. Devil’s Pool, Zambia:

Amidst the Victoria falls, Devil’s Pool is for the daredevils! The pool is exactly adjacent to the waterfall. Get ready to be enthralled by the beauty here!

4. Caldeira Velha, Portugal:

This pool is the ultimate experience of ‘into the wild’. It is designed with geothermal springs and this makes the mineral water pleasant to bathe in. Unwind here, as you watch a warm waterfall cascade into a creek.

5. Gunlom Plunge Pool, Australia:

The Gunlom Plunge Pool above the Gunlom falls with rocky walls, offers a spectacular view of the Kakadu Plains. Leave aside your worries in the arms of this natural infinity pool and go on Australia holidays today!

6. Tai O Lantau, Hong Kong:

Visit Tai O Lantau, the infinity pool, a hidden treasure in Hong Kong. This pool created by nature is on the unchartered path and that has retained its pristine beauty. Walk a few extra steps and relish the gorgeousness, through our Hong Kong tour packages. 

7. Top Ponds, Colorado:

Top Ponds are a series of three tiered pools feeding each other, forming an inimitable infinity pool. Here, you can soak in the ponds of natural rocks as you enjoy warm, relaxing baths. The water is fed by hot springs and can reach 93-107 degree Fahrenheit.

8. Kuang Si Waterfall, Luang Parbang:

The waterfalls here, are simply breath-taking and immensely soothing. They fall steeply and collect in natural infinity pools of a mesmerising turquoise blue colour. These pools are very much open for swimming and offer an enthralling view of the waterfalls.

9. Piscina Naturale Di Ferreira, Portugal:

Piscina Naturale Di Ferreira, located on the island of Sao Miguel is a beauty to gorge upon. Visitors can relax all day while they swim in warm water and relish the beauty of the ocean that lies in front.The beauty and charm of these natural infinity pools are unmatched. This is something you may not have witnessed before, and is sure worth it! Pack your bags and head to a whole new world of enchanted beauty.

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Dip in a Natural Infinity Pools - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
We all love the idea of infinity & dream to look at some form of it in our lifetime. Here are 9 best natural infinity pools in the world.
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