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Discover culinary delights in Thailand

Apart from internationally famous locales to visit, Thailand is also renowned for culinary delights it serves to gratify both your appetite and taste buds. Often referred to as the jewel of Southeast Asia, the country offers an amazing blend of culture and diversity. The hospitality experienced here makes Thailand an incredibly popular destination. The country offers an enticing combo of popular destinations like Phuket, Hua Hin and other palm-fringed islands.

The exotic food of Thailand

Thai cuisine is as exotic as the country itself. It definitely needs no introduction. Nowadays you can come across at least one Thai restaurant in any urban city of the world. Thai food presents a unique juxtaposition of sweet, tangy, hot and salty that leaves your taste buds craving for more. Whenever you go for Thailand Holidays do not forget to try out their national soup tom yam.

Thai chefs have expertise in appropriating the famous world cuisines and making them their own. Take a typical noodle preparation for instance; they get an all new life when subjected to culinary experiments by Thai chefs. Similarly, you may forget green salad for a while and instead enjoy a delightful papaya salad or som tam.

Thailand is a paradise of street foods, something that you definitely don’t want to skip. The streets of the country offer a huge combination of the most delicious cuisines. Food courts in Bangkok mall showcases the best known Thai and international cuisines. MBK, Siam Paragon, Central World and Emporium malls are among the most popular food courts to visit in Bangkok.

Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok presents Thai cuisine is a new avatar while at Blue Elephant entree are served in three different menus, vis-à-vis, Thai cooking for the past, today and tomorrow. Thailand evokes a celebration of culinary delights. Therefore, the multiplicity of food options available in the country is no surprise. Although the country is home to many plush restaurants, the best food here is found in stalls built by the streets.

Not only Bangkok but destinations like Phuket also offer a unique combination of Thai cuisines. Off the coast of Phuket you can witness seafood being freshly caught, cooked and served to your delight. Little floating restaurants around Coconut Island offer a different kind of experience all together.

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Thailand is renowned for culinary delights it serves to gratify both your appetite & taste buds. Come and enjoy the exotic food of Thailand.
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