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The United States of America (USA) is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The North American country offers a unique blend of natural and commercial tourist spots, such as the Grand Canyon, and even Las Vegas, as some of the top tourist spots in the country. Every year, thousands of tourists from India visit the USA and enjoy the excellent and vibrant culture of the country. Also, being one of the most dynamic economies the country also attracts thousands of businessmen from India to travel for business purposes. However, before you can travel, you will need to get the proper USA Visa to ensure smooth and efficient travelling.

USA Visa Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for a USA Visa if you are a non-citizen of the country, and wish to visit the USA for leisure (tourist), business or study purposes. There are several types of Visas issued for traveling to and staying, in the US, and you will need to decide the specific Visa type before filling the application form.

Once you get the Visa, you will still need to undergo scrutiny by the Department of Homeland Security, Customs Border Protection Immigration officers at the port of entry (airport).

Types of USA Visa

These are the several commonly-issued Visas by the USA for non-residents:

Tourism Visa

The USA issues the B2 Tourism Visa to people who wish to travel to the country for recreational purposes (such as on vacations or holidays).

Business Visa

A business Visa, also known as B1 Visa, is issued to persons traveling to the US for business purposes. This Visa should be applied for if you are a professional/businessman who plans to travel to the US for meetings, negotiations or training purposes.

Student Visa

Also known as the F1 Visa, the student Visa is issued to people who have received successful admission in a university/college inside the US. This Visa is applicable only for the duration of the course.

Work Visa

Also known as H1-B or H-4 Visa, the work Visa is issued to skilled temporary workers who are required to fill vacancies in the US. To be eligible for a US work Visa, you will need to have at least a 4-year college degree or equivalent work experience.

Trainee Visa

A trainee Visa, also known as H-3 Visa, is issued to people who wish to travel to the US to receive specialized skill training (apart from medical training) which is not available in their home country.


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Step-by-Step Guide for USA Visa Processing

This stepwise guide will take you through all the necessary steps needed to apply for any type of USA Visa online:

Step 1

Download the required USA Visa  form (DS-160 form) from any of the easily available online sources. Ensure that all the mandatory and applicable fields are filled with correct, relevant and true information/details.

Step 2

Attach passport sized photographs, along with the necessary documents with the filled non-immigration Visa application form.

Step 3

Upload soft copies of all documents and Visa application form online on the website of the Department of State.

What Documents Do You Need for USA Visa?

These are all the essential documents you will require to attach and submit with the DS-160 USA Visa application form online:

  • Passport – Copy of the current passport, which has a validity of at least 6 months from the date of application for the Visa, needs to be uploaded with the Visa application form. Attach copies of previous passports also.
  • Photograph – Upload recently-taken passport formatted photograph’s soft copy with the Visa application form.
  • Other documents – Along with the above-stated documents, you will also need to attach your confirmed travel tickets and hotel booking proof. Make sure to read the specific instructions in the individual type of Visa application form to know if you will require uploading/attaching any other documents along with your Visa application form.

USA Visa Passport Delivery

Once your USA Visa is issued successfully, your passport will be returned to you by courier to the specified mailing address. With increasingly stringent verification processing, the Visa will be issued anytime within 25-30 days from the date of submitting the Visa application form.

Benefits of Getting Visa Processed from Thomas Cook

These are the distinct benefits you get when you apply for USA Visa through Thomas Cook:

  • Online Process: All you have to do is fill the online form and make an online payment for Visa processing. Everything else will be taken care of by Thomas Cook. What’s more, you can even track the status of your application online.
  • Complete Visa Processing Solution – We help thousands of Indian citizens (students, businessmen, and tourists) to apply efficiently for USA Visa, and receive, successfully.
  • Easy & Reliable Visa Processing: We help Visa applicants to schedule their appointments for personal interview at the Embassy with better efficiency. We help Visa applicants to increase the chances of getting their Visas successfully using our years of expertise in travel and tourism industry.

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How long can I stay on a Tourist Visa in the USA?

The Visa does not determine the time you can stay for in the US. The processing officer, at the port of entry (airport), will decide the length of stay eligible for you when you reach the country.

Are there different requirements for different types of US Visas?

Yes, there are several differences between processing of the different types of Visas. The Visa application fees and essential documents may vary from Visa to Visa.

How can I extend my stay in the US on a Non-Immigration Visa?

You cannot extend your stay over the limit set by the immigration officer on your Visa. If you need to extend your stay, then you will require applying for an additional Visa.

When should I apply for a Visa to the US?

You should apply for a USA Visa as earliest as possible. Ideally, the Visa application form should be submitted at least 6-8 weeks from your planned date of departure.

Which is the best time to visit the US for Tourists?

With a varying climate in different parts, there are several times in the year which makes it suitable for tourists to visit the US. For the northern part of the US, the best time to visit is in the warmer months, between April and June while the southern part of the US is pleasant to visit in the cooler months, between October and February.

When you apply for a USA Visa through Thomas Cook, it becomes more efficient and easier to get the Visa successfully. The immense expertise and proficiency of the travel company allows it to get Visas issued faster and in a more convenient manner for the Visa applicants.

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