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Ecuador beyond the Galapagos

Ecuador which has become synonymous with the Galapagos as a global destination has more to offer than just the exotic island. Here are few of the pleasant sights that await you on your trip to Ecuador. After Brazil, Ecuador is the country in South America that attracts most international tourists.

Ecuador Attractions

Hug the Equator in Quito

The Equator which is known as the Mitad del Mundo or ‘The Middle of the World’ runs right through Ecuador. Reaching the region in Quito from La Mariscal is a cake walk owing to the large options of buses and Cars that are available on hire. The region marking the real Equator is made interesting using a plethora of experiments. The monument built at an erroneous 100 meter away from the right spot is also a marvel.

Mountain biking on Cotopaxi Volcano

The 5897 meter high Cotopaxi is Ecuador’s second tallest volcano and one of the world’s foremost active volcanoes. Owing to the height many are not able to scale the peak but mountain biking downhill is an activity you cannot miss on your travel to Ecuador. The volcano is not far away from Quito. It is an experience for all regardless of age and most definitely for adventure lovers.

Shopping at Otavalo Market

Otavalo market is the largest marketplace in the whole of South America. It is the best place to shop for souvenirs for loved ones back home. Be sure to work on your haggling skills as it would come handy in the vibrant market that Otavalo is. Saturdays are a spectacle when this market sees a sweltering swell in the crowd.

A walk around Cuenca’s city center

Cuenca is Ecuador’s 3rd largest city and advocates a charming city center. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the well preserved historic buildings, Cuenca is brimming with churches, monumental cathedrals, town squares that are reminiscent of it’s colonial past. It is a must visit place.

The wild Banos

The tiny mountain pueblo, Banos is popularly called the adventure capital of Ecuador. Whether climbing the Tungurahua Volcano or canyoning the valley, Banos has so much to offer. Adventure waits at each turn here in Banos. Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, bridge swings, paragliding and a sea of other adventurous activities await you in Banos.

Ecuador is a treasure-trove that is underestimated as a global destination. Other places of interests include the trek around the Quiltola Loop, the beach at Montanita, exploring the Amazon jungle etc.

Travel to Ecuador where paradise awaits you.

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Ecuador Beyond The Galapagos - Thomas Cook India Travel Blog
Ecuador has more to offer than just the exotic island. Here are few of the pleasant sights that await you on your trip to Ecuador.
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