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Enjoy The Thrills Of Ocean Park In Hong Kong

Exploring Hong Kong is a sensory busting, mind blowing treat for the travellers of all age. There is so much to explore in Hong Kong that a visit almost feels short. Among these amazing places, Ocean Park is a must not miss attraction.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is the biggest theme park, animal, marine mammal and oceanarium in the world. With more than 70 rides and multitude of fun adventure centres, a visit to Ocean Park is a stellar experience and is highly promoted by Hong Kong Tourism.

If you are planning your visit to Hong Kong in the near future then Ocean Park is a must-not-miss. Here are some tips and a detailed guide to attractions inside the park following which you’ll get to enjoy your visit to the fullest.

1. A Short Introduction to Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a jewel in the crown of Hong Kong Tourism. This is a perfect place for the families and couples who want to enjoy an adventure filled time. It is located in the Southern district of Hong Kong and is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm.
City Buses from Hong Kong and Mass Transit Railways commute daily to and fro from the park. There are private buses that provide the tour of the park as well.

2. Must not miss attractions and activities

1. Feed the Sharks

Shark Feeding

Ocean Park in Hong Kong offers you an up and close encounter with Sharks at Shark Mystique. Feeding the sharks at Ocean Park is one of the most amazing things to do in Hong Kong. You get to feed the sharks and stingrays at this attraction but a reservation is a necessary.

Anyone who has been fascinated by these marine wonders and wishes to see them swimming right next to them needs to be here.

2. Adventures in Australia

Koala Bear

This attraction takes you for a virtual tour of Australian wildlife showcasing the eye-catching wildlife of the continent. Spread in a massive area of 5000 square meter, Adventures in Australia showcases fluffy Koala Bears, Laughing Kookaburras and Hopping Wallabies. You also get a virtual introduction with Australian Native Aborigines and their eco-friendly lifestyle.

3. Bird, Animal and Marine Theatres

Ocean Park in Hong Kong has an array of amazing bird and animal theatres. You can explore some of the cool attractions and get face to face with interesting wildlife.

1. Giant Panda Adventure

Giant Panda

From the Mainland China, these cute Giant Pandas comes to visit you along with their neighbours, The Red Panda and Giant Salamander, to teach you about the importance of the protection of the flora and the fauna in their habitat.

2. Bird Theatre

Brown Feathered Sparrow

With 70 species of birds and ten amazing birds of prey, this presentation takes you through a close encounter with the flying wonders of the Planet Earth.

3. South Pole Spectacular

South Pole Spectacular

The South Pole Spectacular takes you through the fascinating world of Penguins. During this presentation, you get to meet multiple kinds of penguins who steal your heart with all the cuteness.

4. Ocean Theatre

Ocean Theater

The one of its kind Ocean Theatre, takes you through the magical underwater kingdom. You get to explore the subterranean world through the eyes of a diver. The theme of this theatre is designed to spread the message of the importance of the Oceans for the safety of the planet.

5. Amazing Asian Animals Complex

Red Panda

For those who wish to have a real life experience of meeting the native animals of Asia like The Giant Panda, Red Panda and more. You get to meet a pair of Pandas who entertain you with their antics.

4. Must do activities at Ocean Park

1. Sky Gondola

The Sky Gondola

Sky Gondola is one of the ways to travel till Ocean Park. This open air gondola picks you up and then moves higher and higher. The sights below you get smaller as you move further towards the park. You can imagine the altitude this gondola would gain by its name, ‘Sea to Sky’ it literally picks you from a parking near the harbour and then lifts you above the clouds.

2. Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

They call it a bungee but in reality this is a turbo trampoline. If you are well experienced with Bungee Trampolines then be prepared, this one is unlike anything else you will witness. This turbo trampoline picks you up and lifts so high that you see the entire area of the park for a few seconds.

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3. Dragon Roller Coaster

Dragon Roller Coaster

The Dragon Roller Coaster is breathtakingly fast. It gains a speed of 77 km/h and flies through the 842 meters of track in about 2.623 minutes.

4. Flying Swing

Flying Swing

This ride swings your chairs and takes you as high as seven meters while rotating. It almost feels like you’ll be thrown out of your chair every time the ride takes a twist.

5. The Eagle

This spinning ride goes high and then dislocates the entire structure in four individual pods. The spins get as high as 8 revolutions per minute with passengers screaming thought the time as the ride is in motion.

6. Mine Train

Mine Train

This ride starts from the ocean and takes you across the hill showing you the breath-taking scenery and the beautiful park en route. This is a beautiful ride which doesn’t run at a fast pace, perfect to take a break between your adrenaline filled adventure.

5. Food and Shopping at Ocean Park

Ocean Park Clothing Shop

Ocean Park is a complete family experience with amazing dinner and shopping options. You can visit the lakeside chill bar for afternoon snacks in between of frolicking. The Panda Café serves a multitude of Asian Cuisine and Tuxedos has an international menu in the company of 70 penguins having fun on ice.

You can also visit The Bayview Café, The Terrace Café and Café Ocean for the amazing food and the views around.
For shopping one can buy souvenirs, statues and t-shirts from several kiosks around the park.

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Ocean Park is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. With this definitive guide, your Hong Kong trip experience will become more memorable. If you want to know more, like what is the best time to visit Hong Kong or Things to do in Hong Kong you can always connect with our Hong Kong travel experts.

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