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Essential Checklist for The Beach Travellers & Guide for Fun in the Sun

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From bathing in the sun, surfing, collecting seashells, reading a book, playing volleyball or Frisbee, building sandcastles, water sports to merely enjoying time with family or friends the list is countless. But there are few precaution and safety measures we need to take in to consideration. This why we are sharing an essential checklist for the beach travellers to have a worry free beach holidays.Le Saint Geran Mauritius Resort - Checklist for The Beach Travellers Whether it’s a day or evening spent at the beach or even a holiday spent at a hotel overlooking the beach, there are certain essential checklist for the beach travellers that you need to keep in mind before you make your trip to the beach. These trips often involve a trip to the water and a lot of fun in the sand.You need to make sure you carry everything with you right from clothing and beach items, fun in the sun beach items, toiletries and anything else in case you are travelling with a baby or young child.

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Essential checklist for the beach travellers:

1) Good Sunscreen: One of the most important items that you need to not only carry but wear is a good quality sunscreen. It is important to select one which is suitable to your skin type. It is always a wise option to use those sunscreens which have high SPF protection factors. These may include SPF 30, 50, etc. These are highly beneficial in protecting your skin from tanning and also many of these creams boost the skin’s regenerative powers.

2) Sunglasses: A day at the beach involves long hours in front of the sun. It is important to protect one’s eyes from long exposure to the sun. By wearing a good pair of sun glasses you will not only protect your eyes from the UCB and UVA lighting. This ensures that you have no strain on your eyes when at the beach.

3) Big Towels: You’re bound to get wet, especially when at the beach. You may have even driven down to the beach or travelled in your friend or families car. It is very important to carry big towels which are absorbent, so that you can wipe yourself dry.

4) Beach Bags: While venturing out on the beach, it is very important to carry a big bag where all your essentials are kept within. These bags should be large, sturdy and water proof. Opting for a bright coloured beach bag also adds to the mood, so be sure you carry a bright or warm coloured beach bag with you to the beach!

5) Change of clothes: A visit to the beach surely requires you to carry an extra pair of clothes. You never know when your shirt may get soiled or dirty or you may even indulge in water sports or go for a swim. It is very important to carry an extra t-shirt, pair of shorts, etc. This will ensure that your journey home will not be uncomfortable.

6) First Aid Kit: You never know if you may get cut or bruised while at the beach. You may step on broken glass or get cuts on your feet from stepping on seashells, etc. It is always important to carry a small first aid kit containing bandages, a spray of antiseptic, skin anti-septic’s, etc.

7) Beach Umbrella: Not many people can handle the scorching sun overhead while at the beach. Carrying a foldable umbrella is a way you can avoid this. Walk along the sand until you find the perfect spot, pitch up the umbrella and spread out the chairs.

8) Drinking Water: A visit to the beach involves long hours out on the sand. You may be left feeling thirsty, but not having any water close by. You may not even find package bottles close by. It is always the best idea to pack a cooler with cold water, or even carry a jug filled with bold water. If you are in a group, don’t forget to carry the plastic cups.

9) A good book: If you plan to laze around at the beach, a good idea would be to carry a book along with you. It is one of the most peaceful feelings to read an interesting book while lazing under a beach umbrella.

Lastly, one of the most important items, don’t forget to carry your iPod. There’s nothing better to accompany you than good music while you laze at the beach! You can share your own checklist for the beach travellers in the comment section below.

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Essential Checklist for The Beach Travellers & Guide for Fun in the Sun
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Essential Checklist for The Beach Travellers & Guide for Fun in the Sun
Make your trip safe and enjoyable by following an essential checklist for the beach travellers. Travel with Thomas Cook Today!
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