Everything You Need To Know About The Sunburn Festival

Everything You Need To Know About The Sunburn Festival - Thomas Cook

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

If you are a true blue music lover and attending festivals is your thing, the Sunburn festival is an event you should make your way to. It has some of the world’s most renowned DJs playing electronic dance music for their beloved audience. While traditionally it has been held along the sultry beaches of Goa and makes for a perfect place to be on your Goa holiday package, the past two years have seen a change in the venue. Well, no matter where it is being held, this is the music festival to attend. If you are planning to hop on to Sunburn 2017 festival, here is everything you need to know:

1. Sunburn’s DJs

DJs at Sunburn Festival
DJ Nucleya

Sunburn sees some of the best DJs in the world spinning foot-tapping dance music. The festival is very popular amongst the youth.

  • Renowned DJs like Afrojack, Tiesto, DJ Snake Andrew Rayel, Quintino, Pete Tong, Goldfish, James Zabiela, Mark Knight, Shermanology, Josh Wink and Chuckie have performed in Sunburn festival.
  • Indian DJs like Anish Sood, Nucleya, Sartek, Arsh, Janux, and much more have performed in the past as well.

2. Music Genres and the Experience

Light & Lazer Show During Sunburn Festival
Light & Lazer Show During Sunburn Festival

With 120 of the best DJs playing over 5 stages, there are different styles that suit everybody.

  • Styles like trap music, electronic, drum n bass, hardstyle, house, techno, trance and more can be enjoyed here.
  • Not only is the sound out of this world, during the Sunburn Goa festival, there were also LED light shows and lasers, making this festival a real experience for the senses.

3. Workshops

The venue holds some interesting workshops during the pre-event hours. The music starts in the evening and goes late into the night. So during the day, you could learn something new and let your hair down once the sun goes down.

  • Puppet Workshop, Kite Workshop, Dream Catcher Workshop or Drum Workshops are organized during the day to challenge your brain cells.
  • There are workshops for teaching musical instruments for those who would love to learn to strum a guitar or blow the trumpet!

4. Adventure activities – Must Try During The Sunburn Festival

hot air balloon, Sunburn Festival
Hot Air Balloon At Sunburn Festival

Sunburn Goa also hosted a range of exciting adventure activities before the events of the day begin. These exciting activities are a huge hit amongst the visitors.

  • Adventure activities like hot air ballooning, Zorbing, Bungee Jumping, Giant Wheel Rides, The Mechanical Bull Ride, The Adventure Zipline and more are very popular at the event.
  • These rides are a part of your ticket package.

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5. Upcoming Talent

DJ Shaan Playing At Sunburn Festival
Image Source: edmofy.com (DJ Shaan Playing At Sunburn Festival)

The earlier slots are usually given to the young guns who are out there to prove a point. That is where you get to see new talent and fresh music.

  • Just because it’s early, doesn’t mean there’s going to be a lack of musical prowess on show here. You never know you might see them blasting the main stage next year.
  • Many early shows have featured the likes of Zaeden, These 2 Guys, Arsh, AlgoRhythm, Shaan & Friends and much more.

6. Happy Hours

Happy Hours, Sunburn Festival
Make The Most Of The Happy Hours!

Happy Hours from 1 pm to 3 pm sees a variety of discounts offered on food and drinks. Be there to catch great discounts!

  • You can get discounts on liquor like ‘Buy one get one free’ or ‘buy two get one free’ in the happy hours.
  • Food discounts are available too.

7. Things to Do

Goa Flea Market, Sunburn Festival
Goa Flea Market

In one day you can see some of the world’s biggest DJs, meet like-minded people and enjoy things outside of the music too. There are food, shopping and so many more reasons to come to this festival as well.

  • ‘Campout’ is a vibrant town that music lovers can flock to after enjoying the day at this festival. Campout allows people who love the atmosphere at Sunburn to enjoy it 24/7! The fun never stops when you choose to camp here after the festival.
  • There are exciting acrobatic acts, flea markets and so much more things to see at the festival.

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8. Safety at Sunburn

You don’t need to worry about safety either, as Sunburn has 24/7 security to keep party-goers safe as they enjoy the festivities.

  • Security and policemen work overtime during this festival, so be mindful.
  • The entry and exit points are secured so you are safe at the venue.

9. Venues

Venue, Sunburn Festival
Sunburn Festival, Pune

The event has seen different venues, but the grandness and the thumping excitement has been the same everywhere.

  • Goa has been the prime venue for many years and one of the best ones for the festival.
  • Sunburn starts on 28th December until 31stDecember 2017. Unlike the previous years, this year Sunburn will be held in Pune.

10. Buying Tickets

If you are planning to groove to the music of Sunburn, you will need to book your tickets in advance as the shows are generally sold out.

  • Single Day Pas: Ticket rates depend on the type of pass you choose. You can buy an early entry for Rs 1250, 1 Day General Access pass for Rs 2000 and a VIP pass for Rs 3500. This is only applicable for 28th, 29th and 30thof December. Rates of tickets on 31st December changes, with early entry for Rs 2000, 1 Day General Access pass for Rs 2750 and a VIP pass for Rs 4000.
  • Two Day Pass: For 28th and 29th December, tickets would cost you Rs 3000 and for 30th and 31st December, it would be Rs 4000. Prices for VIP Pass would be Rs 6000 and Rs 7000 respectively.
  • Season Pass for all the days would cost you anywhere between Rs 6000 to Rs 18000, depending on what you intend to choose.

Sunburn is one of the best festivals for lovers of music, travel, and culture. There’s nothing quite like experiencing one of the world’s top music festivals in a new and exciting place. Make sure you read through this information carefully so you can plan your trip effectively. Then all you need to do is catch your flight and have a euphoric time! Book your Goa tour packages now!

Everything You Need To Know About The Sunburn Festival - Thomas Cook
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Everything You Need To Know About The Sunburn Festival - Thomas Cook
If you are a true blue music lover and attending festivals is your thing, the Sunburn festival is an event you should make your way to.
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Thomas Cook
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