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UAE Exempts Visa Fee For Children Under The Age of 18

“Dubai is a well-known destination which serves as a beautiful travel spot for most. Whether it is shopping, modern architecture or history and culture that’s your liking when it comes to travel, Dubai has it all. This is the reason why it has a soaring tourism industry as well. Making things even better for travellers is this ground-breaking news.”

The tourism of UAE takes a new leap and welcomes the children of tourists under the age of 18 to enter the country without any visa fee. As a result of the upcoming summer season, UAE has opened the gates from July 15th to September 15th, during which all the children of the tourists, who are under the age of 18 will be exempted from the visa fee. As a forward step in support of family tourism and an overall reduction in the cost of the visitors to visit UAE in their holidays, this decision has been showing a tremendous gain for the tourism industry in UAE.

How is it affecting the UAE tourism?

This decision made by the Cabinet has shown a leap in the position of UAE in the global tourism sector, making it fall under the category of the prime destinations that welcome families and visitors across the world. As a result of this decision, there has been a shoot in the number of passengers that travelled from across the country to UAE to 32.8 million during the first quarter of the year.

UAE offers a broader range of options for its tourists to enjoy over its hotels and luxury tourist spots, which make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. With many festivals and activities that keep happening around in the country throughout the year, UAE is a great place to visit with families. Keeping this in mind, the decision of the cabinet goes in-line with the growth of the country in the tourism sector.

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Transit Visa

As a reward to the significant growth in the tourism industry, the Cabinet has also proposed an exemption for the transit tourists from their visa fees during the first 48 hours. In addition to that, the transit visa can also be extended to 96 hours with a price to be paid for the same.

These decisions have contributed well to the tourism sector, by making the country a hub for most of the travelers who want to transit in the country and travel further. It has been beneficial for the international travelers, who choose UAE to be their hub and move further. There is also a facility at the airports for the transit tourists called the Express passport-control that offers excellent services for the travelers.

As a result of all these changes being brought by the Cabinet of UAE, there is considerable growth in the tourism sector of the country, welcoming a vast array of tourists from different countries; making UAE one of the prime tourist destinations.


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