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Saturday, March 7, 2015
Indonesia is an island situated at the submerge point of the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. No doubt it would be the cradle of various water sports which apparently attracts tourists and visitors from all around the globe. Though it offers various other tourist attractions, water sports perhaps always will be the predominant means of attracting tourists. Travel to Indonesia now! Bali is one such island in this nation that is host to various water sports.

Batu Karas Beach: This particular coastline of Indonesia is marked with both calm waters and challenging waves which promotes aqua sports like swimming and surfing. The black sandy beach adds flavor to the scenic beauty. A trip to Indonesia is incomplete without experiencing the fun at the Batu Karas Beach.

Alas River: This white water river flows around sharp bends and directly flows in the Indian Ocean with great speed. This river is the perfect spot for those who express serious interest about rafting.

Citumang River: This blue water river strip makes its path through dense forests and dark caves as it takes its course. This water body offers fascinating aqua activities like water tubing and body rafting.

Pandawa Beach: This stretch of sandy beach is one of the finest places in this Island country. Exhibiting eye-soothing scenic beauty in the like of white sand and cool blue water, this is indeed paradise on earth. The water body adjoining this beach is calm and you can go for swimming and canoeing by the coast line. The beach also provides facilities for paragliding.

Umang Islands: This island is home to luxury resorts and hotels. It is surrounded by calm waters where tourists can take part in activities like snorkeling, jet-skiing or taking a ride on a banana boat!

There are more places in Indonesia which holds importance related to water sports related activities. Some of them are Tapak Paderi Beach, The Karimun Islands, The Asahan River, and Lake Kerinci among others.

Type of Water Sports Indonesia Offers: This wonder island offers a vast gallery of water-based activities for tourists and visitors such as swimming, scuba-diving, water-rafting, para-gliding, rowing and kayaking.

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