Explore your dream destination in a houseboat

When it comes to spending a few romantic days with our loved ones we always want our accommodation to be special. Ever wondered how will it feel to explore a tropical paradise and see the magic of nature unfold in front of your eyes, while your houseboat meanders along the networks of canals and inlets? Spending a few days in the lap of nature with your beloved right beside you will give you a reason to leave behind the chaos of your mundane lifestyle. Honeymooners from around the world love to travel to such exotic locations to spend a few delightful days with their partners. In the below mentioned list you will get to know about the most romantic places across the globe where you can enjoy the luxuries of staying in a houseboat with your beloved.

Houseboat Vacation Destinations

United States – Are you looking forward to an international vacation with your partner? Else are you planning to travel abroad for your honeymoon? If yes, then here is an interesting piece of information for you. If you are slated for a honeymoon trip to America apart from enjoying the pleasure of visiting the famous tourist destinations across the country you can also opt for a few days of luxurious stay at houseboat. Houseboating is becoming an increasingly popular tourist activity in the country. You can rent a houseboat at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, which is considered as the birthplace of houseboat in United States. Other popular houseboating destinations are Las Vegas, Seattle, Lake Lanier in Georgia, etc. The basin shores of Manhattan in New York City have also become a famous site for houseboating in US.

India – India for certainly has the best of both worlds. Many rivers and lakes across different states in India are primary dwelling of persons. They rent their houseboats during peak seasons of tourism. Dal Lake in Kashmir for instance, is one of the most famous destinations in India offering luxurious stays in houseboat. Tourists while planning their Kashmir tours often keep a few days aside to spend on houseboats at Dal Lake location. These houseboats are fully furnished and have arrangements for sumptuous meal as well. Apart from Kashmir, Kerala backwaters are also a coveted destination for houseboating in India. The popularity of houseboating in Kerala backwaters in increasing in leap and bound.

Apart from houseboating in India and US, tourists can also experience the magic of staying a couple of days in houseboat in places like Amsterdam, Sri Lanka and many other places.

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Explore Your Dream Destination in A Houseboat - Thomas Cook India
Get to know about the most romantic places across the globe where you can enjoy the luxuries of staying in a houseboat with your beloved.
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