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Five most beautiful island countries you should visit

They are gorgeous, they are beautiful and they offer the most spectacular panoramic view of nature’s divine beauty. Island countries across the world are the most sought-after tourist destinations for those who seek exotic holidays. The turquoise sea, tranquil beaches and serene landscape gives these islands a perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday. The following is a list of most popular islands located on earth:

Popular island countries across the world

Australia: Call it a huge island or a small continent, Australia Holiday is one of the most popular island countries and tourist destinations in the world. It is an island country which boasts off a rich culture, fabulous landscape and lush jungles. Australia has an amazing demography that offers its visitors a plethora of fun and interesting places to visit and things to do. From canyons to verdant green forests this island country definitely offers an array of sight-seeing options to let visitors explore the glory of nature

The Maldives: Apart from being a very beautiful island country, Maldives is also one of the most popular island countries and best honeymoon destinations in the world. Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the island country is built on an incredible series of coral reefs that formed on the sides of ancient volcanoes. Fascinating beaches, enthralling natural beauty and the magnificent ocean gives this location the perfect setting to lure love birds from different corners of the world to spend a romantic holiday.

Barbados: The small island country of Barbados is located in the west of the north Atlantic Ocean. The island exudes a tropical charm and is home to a vast stretch of blonde beaches which are adorned by swaying palm trees and are lapped by luminous blue water.

Mauritius: Whenever we think of Mauritius, the image of palm-fringed beaches, sugarcane fields, crystal clear waters and verdant mountains come to our mind. The island is encompassed by huge reefs that shelter many shallow blue lagoons. Apart from majestic beaches, on your trip to Mauritius you will be treated with an option to explore the richness of country’s history and cultural diversity.

Cuba: Cuba is a beautiful island country that boasts crystal clear blue waters, marvelous white-sand beaches and the best coral reefs in the world. It is decked with numerous small shops and attractions to woo tourists visiting the nation. If you have an adventure-monger soul, then the small island country in the west has a bundle of option for you to enjoy your holidays. Apart from sight seeing and exploring its rich history, tourists can participate in fun-time adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkeling as well.

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Island countries across the world are the most popular tourist destinations for exotic holidays. Here's a list of most popular islands.
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